We are delighted to see West Argyle Street and the surrounding blocks named to the National Register of Historic Places. In the 1950′s, our founders, Eli and Esther Schulman, opened Eli’s New Ogden Huddle at the corner of Argyle and Sheridan. Now the site of a retirement home, Eli and Esther brought the menu from the Ogden Huddle on the west side at Ogden & Kedzie. This was a time that many families relocated from the west side to the new apartment buildings of Uptown with the lake nearby and the Outer Drive. Prices were a bit more reasonable as a complete dinner—including dessert, beverage, entree, potato and cole slaw was around $2.

Chicago Sun-Times, June 16,..

eli's on argyle sheridan

Eli's New Ogden Huddle Menu

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