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Eli’s the Place for Steak and Eli’s Cheesecake Recognized for supporting HELP-Help Ease Local Poverty

It would be wonderful if there was no poverty or hunger on the near north
side of Chicago or anywhere in our country. We know, however, that poverty and
hunger are a reality and that it is important to provide hot meals for the

On the near north side, our friend, Jacqueline Hayes, saw the need and
created HELP–Help Ease Local Poverty. Each week, over 125 people that are
homeless and disadvantaged, come together for a quality dinner and dessert.

Eli’s the Place for Steak was the first restaurant to support this program
and we made an additional contribution of dessert for the dinner on December

Our thanks to Jackie and the volunteers of HELP for their committment to the
homeless and disadvantaged.

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Eli’s the Place for Steak—powered by Allen Brothers steaks

It is always a pleasure to visit with a guest at Eli’s the Place for Steak
and share the secret of the meat we serve; it is Allen Brothers. For over one
hundred years, Allen Brothers has been a purveyor to the finest restaurants
throughout the country. The owners of Allen Brothers, Bobby Hatoff, Chairman,
and Todd Hatoff, President, have a passion for serving customers, whether it be
a national restaurant chain, a great independent, like Eli’s, or for you to
serve at home.

The new edition of the Allen Brothers catalog is out (visit them online at
800-957-0111 or call 800-957-0111).It includes all aspects of gourmet dining
from center of the plate, to appetizers and Eli’s desserts specially prepared
for Allen Brothers.

Enjoy the best of gourmet food from Allen Brothers-with no better pair than
an Eli’s Cheesecake and an Allen Brothers steak.

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Thank you for making Eli’s the Place for Steak Number 1 Dessert in Best of City Search Chicago

For forty five days, visitors to Citysearch Chicago were able to vote for
their favorite dessert. The voting was spirited and in keeping with Chicago
history, you could vote more than one time; actually once each day.

When the polls closed this past weekend, Eli’s the Place for Steak, the home
of Eli’s Cheesecake, was named by Citysearch visitors as Chicago’s best
desserts. We very much appreciate the support for Eli’s and our heritage. It is
very fitting that the competition closed on the eve of the beginning of Taste of
Chicago, the launching pad for our cheesecake. It was on July 4th 1980, that my
dad, Eli, served his cheesecake outside Eli’s the Place for Steak for the first

We appreciate your support and look forward to you celebrating with us at the


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