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Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Program Graduation

The Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Summer Program, now in its seventh year, is a partnership between the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (CHSAS), Wright College, and The Eli’s Cheesecake Company. Students have the opportunity to work at the CHSAS Farm, attend a college-credit class at Wright College and participate in a discussion series at the weekly Eli’s/Wright College Farmers Market. The students have finished their first draft of a cookbook with recipe’s they’ve developed over the summer using locally-sourced ingredients. Many talented and innovative minds behind this unique program spoke at the graduation, as well as an outstanding student from the program, Darius Dixon.

The Eli’s Cheesecake Company would like to thank this years guest speakers:

Chris Koetke, Kendall College

Terra Brockman, The Land Connection

Carrie Nahabedian, Naha

Orrin Williams, Center for Urban Transformation

Melissa Graham, Purple Asparagus

Rob Gardner, The Local Beet

Jim Braun & Debbie Hillman, Illinois Local and Organic Food and Farm Task Force



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Mayor Richard M. Daley joined by Eli’s President Marc Schulman in announcing an expanded partnership between the Department of Business Affairs and Licenseing and the City Colleges of Chicago to promote entrepreneurship

On March 17th, I had the pleasure to join Mayor Richard M. Daley at Westside Tech, a campus of Richard J. Daley College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, when he announced an expanded partnership between the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing and the City Colleges of Chicago.

Following are the remarks I was delivered after being introduced by Mayor Daley:

Thank you Mayor Daley.

Last Summer I received a call from the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing asking me to be the keynote speaker at the Business Works Seminar to be held at North side Prep High School near our bakery.

At the time I was not familiar with this program but I was invited to speak to small business owners/entrepreneurs about how my dad started in the restaurant business in
1940, how his cheesecake made its debut on the menu at Eli’s the Place for Steak
how the cheesecake made its debut outside Eli’s at the first Taste of Chicago in
1980 and then how the business has grown to become one of the country’s largest
specialty cheesecake bakers.

It was a rainy day and traffic was really bad… When I arrived, I found myself in a room with about a 100 people, over 20 government agencies providing resources to businesses and great sessions … offering business marketing, financing and technology workshops. There were three Alderman in attendance—Schulter, O’Connor and Laurino, which showed the strong City support for the program.

After my remarks I walked around and gathered information essential to any business owner. I immediately realized that this was the type of event we needed to be hosting at
the City Colleges…which need to be all about entrepreneurial success.

As an advisor and Chairman of the Business Advisory Board for Wright College, I am always interested in enhancing the opportunities to the students at the City Colleges
and this was a great opportunity for that.

Shortly after, I arranged a meeting with Mary Lou Eisenhauer of DBA. At the time, she informed me that the City wanted to grow this program and had intentions of working with the City Colleges.

It is a perfect fit. Not only will this partnership help City College students build upon their
educational experience; it will also provide the surrounding community an opportunity to access important resources and to build a relationship with a City College right in their community.

One of the benefits of this partnership is that participating colleges will have an opportunity to engage their business programs and honor a student entrepreneur. Doing so will bring attention to the business educational opportunities that exist right in the city college system.

As a business owner, I know new and existing business owners will benefit from this

We look forward to being part of the first Business Works Seminar at Wright College on Wednesday, April 9th.













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Small Business Opportunity Conference at Northwestern University Law School on Saturday, March 1st to feature Marc Schulman on Social Entrepreneurship Panel and honor Howard Tullman as Distinguished Entrepreneur

As a graduate of Northwestern University Law School, I am always delighted to support entrepreneurial activities at the Law School. One of the great programs at NULS is the Small Business Opportunity Center, a program associated with the Bluhm Legal Clinic, which gives law students the opportunity to provide legal counsel to entrepreneurs and small businesses under the supervision of experienced transactional attorneys.

The signature event for the Small Business Opportunity Center is the Annual Small Business Opportunity Conference which will be held on Sunday, March 1st 2008. This event is free with pre-registration to the community and offers great insights from leaders in business, law and entrepreneurship.

I am pleased to be on the 8:30am panel on the topic of “Non-profits and Social Entrepreneurship” with distinguished attorneys Marc Lane and Patricia Carlson. It is great to see the Conference highlight how attorneys can use their legal training to improve the civic and charitable community while either practicing law or being an entrepreneur themselves.

The theme of my panel is carried forward at the luncheon program when Howard Tullman, the CEO of Flashpoint Academy (where I recently visited) and CEO of Exchange City at Experiencia (the location of an Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery that is used as part an intensive classroom program culminating in a visit to Exchange City) will be honored as the Distinguished Entrepreneur Award.

Another milestone for Howard and a great incentive for future Northwestern Law School graduates to think broadly about their career goals and opportunity to make a difference in the broader community.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

8:30 am – 2:30 pm

Northwestern UniversitySchool of Law, Atrium

375 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

The Small Business Opportunity Conference is Northwestern Law School’s annual conference exploring various entrepreneurship and small business issues. The Conference will be held on Saturday, March 1, 2008 and will feature Howard Tullman, JD ‘70 (a highly successful serial entrepreneur and founder, most recently, of Flashpoint Academy), as the keynote speaker, as well as panels and workshops covering several aspects of entrepreneurship. These include, among others, obtaining private equity and venture financing, leveraging intellectual property, and cutting edge real
estate development.

The goal of the Conference is to provide its attendees with cutting-edge insight on entrepreneurship and small business issues, as well as opportunities to network with other participants in this vibrant sector of the economy. The Conference’s participants and attendees will consist of
start-up executives, aspiring entrepreneurs, financiers, service-providers, thought leaders, and students from business and law schools.

The Conference is being hosted by Northwestern Law School’s Small Business Opportunity Center (“SBOC”) and organized by the Center’s student board. The SBOC is a non-profit, student-based clinical program affiliated with the Bluhm Legal Clinic. The SBOC was one of the first
transactional clinics of its kind at any major law school in the country. Founded in 1997, the SBOC has given law students, working under the supervision of attorneys with many years of corporate and transactional experience, the opportunity to provide legal counsel to hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses, on topics ranging from entity formation to licensing and franchising. For more information about the SBOC, please see


Non-profits and Social Entrepreneurship—Panel at 8:30am

Social entrepreneurships and non-for-profit organization are becoming an increasing trend in today’s society. The panel discusses entrepreneurs forming ventures to create social change in the community, social responsibility, and non-profit organizations engaging in social causes and money making activities. The panel will feature a prominent social entrepreneur of a cheesecake company, an experienced lawyer and academic in entrepreneurial finance and social responsibility, and an expert lawyer on
non-profit organizations.

Marc J. Lane, Marc J. Lane Wealth GroupSM

Marc Schulman, President, Eli’s Cheesecake Company

Patricia Carlson, Partner, Burke,Warren, McKay, and Serritella, P.C.



Howard A. Tullman
President and CEO of Flashpoint Academy (

Chariman and CEO of Experiencia, Inc. (,President Emeritus of Kendall College.



Northwestern University Law School is pleased to present its annual
Distinguished Entrepreneur Award to Howard A. Tullman, President and Chief
Executive Officer of Flashpoint Academy (,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Experiencia, Inc. (, and President Emeritus of Kendall College, in Chicago. Mr. Tullman is General Managing Partner for the Chicago High Tech Investors, LLC and a Director of The Cobalt Group ( and Passage Events ( in Seattle. He is also a Trustee of WTTW in Chicago and an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Evanston, Illinois.

Mr. Tullman has over 30 years of management and turn-around experience and an extensive operations background in online services, large-scale information assembly and delivery systems, database design and the development, creation and production of all types and formats of multimedia content including CD-ROMs and DVDs. He has designed and developed interactive interfaces, computer games and other electronic entertainment, training products and services, and other information-based products and

After 10 years as a lawyer at Levy and Erens in Chicago, in 1980 Mr. Tullman founded CCC Information Services, Inc., a provider of information systems to the country’s largest property and casualty insurers. CCC successfully raised venture capital and subsequently completed an IPO in 1983 and several subsequent public offerings. Since taking CCC Information Services private in 1987, Mr. Tullman has founded or served as CEO or Board Chairman of eight entrepreneurial companies. In 1990, he also founded
Eager Enterprises, a venture capital firm focused on the information industry.
He is also active in the arts and has served on the President’s Committee on the
Arts and the Humanities (1993 – 2001).

Mr. Tullman graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, with Honors, from Northwestern University. He also holds a J.D., with Honors, from Northwestern University School of Law.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Recognized by the Detroit Public Schools for Supporting Entrepreneurship

This summer we were honored to host a group of student entrepreneurs from the Detroit Public Schools. Today, we were delighted to receive this plaque in recognition of the visit. We are displaying it proudly and look forward to the many great achievements of these students and other student entrepreneurs from Detroit.

Our thanks to the students of the Detroit Public Schools, to Rosalind Denning of the Office of Career and Technical Education of the Detroit Public Schools and the Entrepreneurship 2000 Advisory Board.

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“Made With Love in Chicago: How Community Involvement works for Entrepreneurial Business”–upcoming presentation to the Executive’s Club of Chicago

Over 1,700 of Chicago’s top business executives are members of the Executives
Club of Chicago. The Club sponsors lunches and networking opportunities that
help promote Chicago and its dynamic business community. It is therefore great
to see the Civic Affairs, Finance and Professional Committees demonstrate their
committment to the vitality of small business in Chicago by sponsoring a
breakfast program on Wednesday, January 26th. highlighting “Lessons Learned for
our Entrepreneurial Success Stories.” We are delighted to have the opportunity
to share the Eli’s story at the Breakfast

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