On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurship panel with Michael Regan of Tranzact Technologies, a long time friend in the business community. It was a lot of fun to share the program as Mike and I both graduated college in the same year (1976) and undertook our entrepreneurial dreams around the same time.

It is always great to go to UIC as it is the home of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, a group of students from over 150 colleges nationally who share a passion for entrepreneurship. UIC is also a hot bed of entrepreneurial activities and the room is always packed when I have come to speak. Fortunately, I bring dessert so the ending is always sweet.

Our hosts for the program was Gerry Hills, the first Coleman Professor of Entreprensurship, and Mike Hennessy, the President of the Coleman Foundation. Mike has taken entrepreneurship education to a far higher level in this country with Entrepreneurship Chairs at a number of leading universities and as a strong supporter of CEO and NFTE, which brings entrepreneurship education to the high schools. Thanks to the Coleman Foundation, the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, has become an active member of NFTE and will take a large contingent of students to the 8th National Young Entrepreneurs Conference & Business Competition in Milwaukee next week.

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