At Eli’s, we are very proud of our long term partnerships. One of our longest
and most successful partnerships is with Williams-Sonoma, America’s premiere
catalogs for cooks. Over the years, we have expanded from one item to three and
we have delivered the quality and service level that Williams-Sonoma customers
expect. This year, my associates, Debbie Marchok and Donna Carberry, had the
great distinction of participating in the Williams-Sonoma product introduction
event for their call center associates. Talk about a great organization, W-S
goes all out to empower their associates with information and passion about
their vendor partners.

The Williams-Sonoma Fall 2004 catalog just went in the mail, For a preview
and to order on line, go to the Williams-Sonoma web site at

For William-Sonoma, we offer three exclusive items; a Tiramisu, a Flourless
Chocolate Torte, and the newest addition, a Chocolate Caramel Pecan Torte.

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