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Adam Gertler & “Kid In A Candy Store” from the Food Network Visits Eli’s Cheesecake–watch for Eli’s to be part of the new season starting in February


adam gertler kid candy store (Medium)

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Jamie and Bobby Deen Recommend Eli’s Cheesecake on their new Food Network Show–”Road Tasted”





Jamie and Bobby Deen included Eli’s Cheesecake in their recent visit to Chicago for “Road Tested, their new Food Network Show.

“Road Tested” takes advantage of the growing trend in culinary tourism. The Deens are crisscrossing the nation to find the best craft food producers that are also available to order online after watching the show.

The Deen brothers are the sons of Food Network star, Paula Deen. Paula’s food empire started on the family’s last $200. She made sandwiches, and the boys delivered them. In those days, young Jamie was just finishing up junior college, and brother Bobby was
finishing high school. Neither went to culinary or business school. Eventually, Paula took charge of two restaurants-The Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, as well as being the writer of a handful of cookbooks, and most importantly, star of “Paula’s Home Cooking” in which her two sons make frequent appearances.

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What Chicago is most famous for: Eli’s the Place for Steak and Eli’s Cheesecake featured on Food Networks: Legendary Hangouts: Chicago

Food Network Specials

Episode SPLHSP11


Legendary Hangouts: Chicago

Explore the gastronomic history of one of America’s most
colorful and ethnically diverse cities–also called the Second City. It’s known
for deep dish pizza, Eli’s cheesecake, and a roster of famous late-night
hangouts, restaurants and jazz clubs.

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Eli’s #1 Tasty Tour on the Food Network’s Top 5

There is something really thrilling about the countdown from 5 to 1. Just
like with Miss America, you are honored to be one of the finalists, but you
really want to be number one.

Imagine our delight when our phone rang off the hook when Top 5 on the Food
Network did a show on the “Top 5 Tasty Tours.” We knew we were in the top 5, but
little did we know that we were the winner—number one.

To be listed with companies like Jelly Belly and Celestial Seasonings is
quite an honor. To be picked above them is a real tribute to our people,
products and heritage. Check out this show when it airs again and come to Eli’s
Cheesecake World for a tour.


Episode TP1B13

TOP 5: Tasty Tours
Hop on the Top Five Tour Bus as we visit some of our favorite food factories. Stops will include a St. Louis standard, Teatime in the Rockies, and a Chicago factory where cheesy is a good thing! All this and more as we countdown the Top Five: Tasty Tours.

Where to Find
Jelly Belly Candy Company


Celestial Seasonings

Eli’s Cheesecake World

Wolfgang Candy Company

Utz Quality Foods

Snyders Of Hanover

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