Eli’s Cheesecake is very proud to be in right in the middle of Congress Rahm Emanuel’s 5th Congressional District. Emanuel has been a great supporter of Wright College, the Chicago Academy (which is located in the former
Wright facility on Austin Avenue) and keeping and expanding business in Chicago (Emanuel was instrumental in getting the land for Chicago Paper Tube, the last new business in our park).

Emanuel has become one of our best mail order customers as he sends our cheesecake made in his District to Congressional candidates, donors and friends around the country. His practice of sending Eli’s was recognized this week in both the Chicago Tribune and Fortune Magazine.

Thanks Rahm for thinking of Eli’s!

Rahm Emanuel, Pitbull politician

He’s a killer strategist and nonstop fundraiser, with a style one ally likens to a “toothache.” Colleagues say Emanuel has become adept at the care and feeding of big donors-knowing their interests, asking about their families, sending them cheesecakes from Chicago’s Eli’s


Engineering a Democratic comeback

Since House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California asked Emanuel to be chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee a year and a half ago, he has raised roughly $36 million, taken 48 trips, and sent about 400 Eli’s cheesecakes from Chicago as thank-you presents to candidates and donors.

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