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Eli’s Salutes the French Pastry School of Chicago and the “For the Love Chocolate Foundation” for its successful annual benefit for scholarships!

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All of us at The Eli’s Cheesecake Company are proud of the quality of education and talent at the French Pastry School of Chicago, a program affiliated with the City Colleges of Chicago. We congratulate Jacquy Pfeiffer and Franco Pacini for their commitment to bringing the best teachers and programs to Chicago. At the For the Love of Chocolate Benefit, Eli’s Marc Schulman congratulated Jacquy Pfeiffer for his success and Eli’s Maureen Schulman thanked famous chef, Rick Bayless, and author and pastry chef, Sarah Levy, for participating in the Benefit. We look forward to the French Pastry School participating in the “Taste of Chicago’s Culinary Schools” presented by the Chicago Foodservice Marketing Club at Eli’s Cheesecake World on Friday, March 5th, 2010.

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Eli’s Congratulates the French Pastry School of Chicago on its 10th Anniversary


Established in 1995, The French Pastry School is
owned and operated by internationally acclaimed pastry chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer and
Sebastien Canonne.

The French Pastry School offers instruction based on the artist-apprentice
model that has been in operation in Europe for hundreds of years. It is through
constant exposure to, and observation of, the same master chefs that our
students learn their craft.

Unlike other schools, ours is dedicated only to the art of pastry. It is our
goal to be the finest pastry school in the United States producing the
best-prepared chefs entering the profession.

We achieve our goal through the accomplishments of our instructors and our
students’ unprecedented access to them. Our most discerning critics let us know
that we’re doing our job – the executive pastry chefs who hire our graduates
and, after experiencing their preparation, actively seek new French Pastry
School graduates for their kitchens.

The French Pastry School is affiliated with the City Colleges of Chicago and
is accredited by the Illinois Community College Board.

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