It always that the greatest number of Eli’s Cheesecake fans live in Chicago;
the second City seems to be London. We are very grateful to Funnybones
Foodservice, which has been foodservice export agent to the UK for over 10
years. We appreciate their professional distribution service and the fact that
they have introduced to many of England’s finest restaurants, hotels and

Recently, Caterer Magazine did a suvey on leading cheesecake brands in the
UK–following are highlights of the report.

Cheesecakes have an ancient lineage – there is evidence of one being
mentioned in 2nd century Rome, according to the Oxford Companion to Food – but
the term cheesecake itself is rather a misnomer. For the dessert is more of a
tart than a cake, with most versions comprising a pastry shell or crushed
biscuit base filled with sweetened, sometimes curd, cheese.

The USA is probably the home of the modern cheesecake, although most
countries have their own versions: in Italy, ricotta or polenta is often used in
recipes; in Russia, an Easter-time favourite is paskha, made with curd cheese,
spices, nuts, dried fruit and sugar; and in India they serve karrah panir, made
with a shell of roughly chopped almonds.

Methods of preparation also differ from country to country: US versions tend
to be baked, whereas in the UK it is more traditional to set cheesecake fillings
in the fridge.

To test out the variety and quality of cheesecakes available on the catering
market, Chef gathered together a panel of six tasters from across the food
service and restaurant sectors to sample a selection of eight cakes. The tasting
took place at Pizza Express, Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, London.

Detailed questionnaires were completed, and the tasters were asked to keep in
mind what they required from a product on a professional level, as well as their
personal reaction to each cheesecake. They were also asked to assess the
products on an individual rather than a comparative basis.

Cheesecake champion

In general, the tasting panel was surprised at the variety of cheesecakes
available on the market, but disappointed at what it considered to be the poor
value for money and poor quality of a few products that were sampled. “I just
didn’t realise how expensive they are to buy,” said one taster.

Eli’s Original Plain Cheesecake, from (importer) Funnybones, was thought to
be of outstanding quality. “It’s the only one I would consider buying,” said one
member of the tasting panel. Fellow panellists commented on its
“melt-in-the-mouth” texture and creamy taste.

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