Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue hosted a Gala Reception this weekend to
kickoff the holiday season. What a perfect opportunity to launch our White
Chocolate Peppermint Dippers. These treats are frozen cheesecake dopped in dark
chocolate with peppermint candies hand applied and served on a stick. This item
is available exclusively through the Eli’s Web Site and Catalog.

It was a perfect night to be at Neiman Marcus as the November 4th was the
21st anniversary of the Gala opening the store. We remember that evening very
well as our daughter, Haley, was born just hours after Maureen and I left the
party. Today we are very happy to celebrate Haley’s 21st.

In honor of the launch of the White Chocolate Peppermint Dippers and Haley’s
birthday, we are sending out one package as a gift from Eli’s. . These White
Chocolate Peppermint Dippers might be the most decadent dessert we have ever
created; it would be great to win, but if you don’t, order it for the holidays.
The winner of the Dippers was Erica Sexton of Delevan, Wisconsin











Eli’s Chefs Sarah and Laurel at Neiman Marcus; Chef Laurel dipping







Francis W. Parker’s acapella group, Grape Jam, performed

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