The Eli’s Cheesecake Company has a very special relationship with the Chicago Foodservice Marketing Club. Founded 57 years ago, the CFMC brings together manufacturers, distributors, brokers and marketers who are part of the dynamic foodservice industry. The CFMC raises money for scholarships and also for 39 years has recognized a foodservice industry leader with its Hall of
Fame Award.

We are very proud that my dad and our founder was named the HallĀ of Fame Award winner in 1988, 20 years ago and 1/2 of the years that this Award was given. This was particularly a significant award as my dad passed away less than three weeks later so the Hall of Fame Award Dinner was a very special way to honor him in life. I was fortunate to receive the Award in 2005, which was
very special in continuing my father’s tradition and that my family and associates could join me in celebrating our achievements.

On April 17th, we joined the CFMC for its 57th Annual Spring Banquet to recognize Peter Parthenis, Sr., the founder of Grecian Delight Foods with the 2008 Hall of Fame Award.

This was also a very special night for Eli’s as our Regional Sales Manager, Erin Arceo, was elected as the President of Board of the CFMC. Erin was also honored with her unprecedented 2nd Spark Plug Award for her leadership in creating and developing the Salute to Chicago’s Top Culinary
Students which is held in February at the Eli’s Bakery.

Marc Asmussen, outgoing President of the CFMC, presents the Spark Plug Award to newly elected CFMC President Erin Arceo.
































The Hall of Fame Award for the CFMC has been given to an industry leader in the foodservice industry for almost 40 years. We are honored that our family has received this honor twice in 1988 and in 2005. We are honored to be in company of industry legends like Asmussen, Don Roth, Arnie
Morton, Rich Melman and Fred Buedel (father of our associate, Mary Beth Jakstys)




The 2008 Hall of Fame Award was given to Peter Parthenis, Sr.
the Founder and Chairman of Grecian Delight Foods, who has built this company
into the national leader in Mediterrean Cuisine. Starting in 1971, when
restaurateurs didn’t know about pita or gyros, Peter has built an industry
leading family business built around quality, innovation and focus.
Congratulations Peter, his family and the people of Grecian Delight.







Marc Asmussen and Peter Parthenis Jr. present the Hall of Fame Award to Peter Parthenis Sr.










Peter Parthenis Sr. shares his inspirational story of success and thanks his family, his people and the food service industry.







Erin Arceo was joined by her associates in the Eli’s Sales & Marketing Team to celebrate her election as President of the CFMC.









Erin is a 2nd generation success story at Eli’s. Erin is congratulated by her delighted mom, Donna Carberry, Eli’s Customer Service Manager.








Eli was first and foremost a restaurateur so it has always been our key belief that we support the industry through education and telling the story of the important contributions of entrepreneurial businesses in the food industry. For that reason, we are delighted that Erin has made this significant
contribution to the CFMC.









Eli’s Patti Carroll was President of the CFMC in1992 and winner of the Spark Plug Award in 1994. Here she congratulates Erin for her accomplishments.










Tom Hayes is a long time food industry executive who now is the link of the food industry to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Here Tom congratulates Patti Carroll and Eli’s Pat Pross on the success of the evening and Eli’s ongoing partnership with the GCFD.

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