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Groundhog Job Shadow Day at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences to recognize Dr. Carla Pugh of Northwestern University Medical School and Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Thank you Stella Foster of Stella’s Column in the Chicago Sun Times for recognizing our work supporting the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. Groundhog Job Shadow is one of the biggest activities of the year at CHSAS as it gives the junior and senior classes an opportunity to “shadow” a successful business person.

For 2008, we are so honored to have Dr. Carla Pugh of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Northwestern University Medical School as our special guest for Groundhog Job Shadow Day. Dr. Pugh will be hosting students at her lab at Northwestern next Thursday and then will come out to the school to speak to the students on Tuesday, January 29th.

A recent study found that the number one career choice for young woman was being a doctor. Dr. Pugh has achieved great success as a surgeon, researcher and educator. It will be a great experience for students at CHSAS to hear her inspirational story and the great success that she has achieved through
hard and a commitment to education.

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Chicago High School for Agriculture Science Hosts the Kick-Off Rally for Groundhog Job Shadow Day in Chicago

One of my favorite days of the year is the kick-off for Groundhog Job Shadow at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. Being the only school located on a working farm in Chicago and with its deep roots and animal and food science, CHSAS is the perfect place to host such an event. Founded by Colin Powell during his years at America’s Promise, Groundhog Job Shadow Day is held annually on Groundhog Day, February 2nd, which marks the beginning of a year of job shadowing opportunities for high school students.

CHSAS has been a leader in giving its students meaningful internships and shadowing experiences in a range of careers and it is an honor for the school to host the kick-off rally on behalf of the Chicago Public Schools and its Office of Education to Careers.

Ryan Jameson, Senior and FFA Chapter President, shared “The Legend of the Groundhog” with the 200 juniors and seniors in attendance.

CHSAS had a very special Groundhog this year. The report matched that of Punxsutawney Phil, who did not see his shadow, thus forecasting an early spring.

The CHSAS Groundhog is joined by Eli’s Marc Schulman, co-chair of the CHSAS Business Advisory Board, CHSAS Principal David Gilligan, FFA Chapter Vice PresidentMelissa Janisch and Special Guest Speaker, Dimitri
Hatzigerorgiou, Area Director for Starbucks.

Marc Schulman with Lucille Shaw, Master Ag Teacher, FFA Advisor and BIg Bear Fan

Eli’s Marc Schulman with Starbucks Dimitri Hatzigerorgiou, CHSAS Principal David Gilligan and Chicago Public Schools Education to Careers Chief Officer, Jill Wine Banks.

Christine DeCoudreaux, a CHSAS student spoke about her three day intensive internship at Eli’s in January.

It was inspirational for the students at CHSAS to learn about Dimitri’s career. From his graduating from the hospitality program at Cornell University, to joining Starbucks when it was a small but fast growing coffee chain from Seattle and then bringing Starbucks to Greece, it was a message that was very beneficial for all in attendance.


A trip to CHSAS wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Barn. Under the leadership of Dr. Joan White, the school Animal Science instructor, CHSAS students are learning about careers in veterinary medicine for both pets and large animals.

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Second Day of Groundhog Job Shadow with students from CHSAS

Each CHSAS student had the opportunity to scale and mix their own Eli’s Cheesecake.

Over half of the cheesecakes baked at Eli’s are decorated. Here our Job Shadow students decorate their own cakes.

Each cake was a work of art!

Our Job Shadow students were able to meet with a group of Eli’s leaders from a cross section of areas. Here Boris Bajlovic explains what is involved in selling Eli’s internationally.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Hosts First Day of Groundhog Job Shadow Day Activities for Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Students

On Groundhog Day, February 2nd, we participated in the Chicago Public Schools kickoff for Groundhog Job Shadow Day at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

This week, on Monday, February 6th, we hosted the first of two groups from CHSAS for a day of activities.

Our thanks to Ben Suirek, our Quality Assurance Manager, who planned the day’s activities, Here is what the students did throughout the

Tour of the Bakery

Students are given their instructions on how to cost and bake a cheesecake. As part of the program, the students receive a batch sheet with ingredients and percentage, as well as cost per unit. They will have to determine the amount of each ingredient to be used and the cost. They will be given the amount that their customer will pay for the cake and will have to keep track of the ingredients used, labor costs, decoration cost, and packaging cost.

They will mix and deposit their product

While the cakes are baking and cooling the kids will have lunch and participate in a presentations by Eli’s associates in sales, research & development, purchasing, quality assurance, production, decorating and packing, customer service, accounting and human resources.

Depan and then analyze cakes for quality

Decoration – Students are given their choice of a chocolate nut topping, candy topping, or fruit topping keeping in mind their customers cost.

Concluding conference to review the day, to finish costing and to analyze profit or loss on the sale of their cake. Re-group in the conference room to finish costing and discus how much money they would make on their cake.



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