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Eli’s Cheesecake and Marc Schulman Join the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame

Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame
March 19, 2009

For 24 years, the Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies in the College of Business Administration at the University of Illinois in Chicago has hosted a dinner honoring a new class of inductees in the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.  On March 19th, it was a pleasure for Marc Schulman and Eli’s Cheesecake to join this distinguished group.

The Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame recognized the Coleman Foundation for its support of entrepreneurship programs at institutions of higher education around Chicago and the midwest. We are very grateful to Mike Hennessy and the Coleman Foundation for their leadership in extending entrepreneurial programs to the City Colleges of Chicago.

The Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame recognizes the innovators and leaders in the Chicago area. Each year distinguished entrepreneurs who have demonstrated entrepreneurial talent by founding and/or growing a local business are inducted. By highlighting outstanding entrepreneurs, we recognize excellence and encourage business leaders, students and government officials to honor the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Having Words with Eli’s Marc Schulman in Nations Restaurant News

My dad was most proud of having Eli’s the Place for Steak named to the Nation’s Restaurant News Hall of Fame, the most prestigious award for an independent restaurant. For that reason, it was a great honor for me to be profiled in the “Having Words With” column in the September 29th

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Congratulations to Howard Tullman and the Other Individuals Entered in the Chicago Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame

The Eli’s Blog debuted the week of June 10, 2004. It was a very exciting week for me as I was fortunate to participate in two graduation ceremonies; first, I represented the Business Advisory Board at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Graduation Ceremony on Friday evening when Catherine Bertini, the Under Secretary for Management at the United Nations and winner of the World Food Prize, gave the commencement address; and then, on Saturday morning, I gave the final commencement address for Kendall College in Evanston at the invitation of President Howard Tullman.

In that almost two years of writing the Eli’s Blog, consistent themes are committment to the community, to our people, to education, at Wright College, at CHSAS, at Kendall and any other institution we can help, and to entrepreneurship.

My role model for my work has been Howard Tullman, who has proven in that same year and half what an entrpreneur can accomplish in education. The move to Goose Island, the strategic partnerships that he created and the 24 hour culinary center that he created are just a few of the accolades due Howard.

This week, Howared was recognized by his peers in industry with membership in the Chicago Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. Howard sent me a copy of his remarks at the induction dinner and they follow as an example of what great things, great entrepreneurs can accomplish in our town, nationally and around the world.

Congrats, Howard!


Remarks by Howard Tullman

First, I’d like to thank the Hall of Fame for this honor. The membership of the Hall of Fame is truly an elite group of Chicago movers and shakers and I’m flattered and honored to now be included among them.

I also want to congratulate my fellow inductees who more than anyone understand the sometimes painful process we all go through in creating and building businesses – large and small.

I used to say that the process was also solitary and even lonely, but I’ve changed my mind about that for two reasons:

First, I’ve been blessed with great teams of people to share my dreams and visions. Some of the most important are here tonight – newbies who’ve been with us for months and oldies (but goodies) who’ve spent a good 10 or 20 years by my side making things happen. I’m grateful to all of them and wouldn’t be here without them.

The second reason this is no longer as lonely a job as it once was is because we have a great, connected community in Chicago (many of whom are members of the Hall of Fame) and every one of whom cares deeply about our city and our collective success. I can reach out to Marc Schulman for help in a million ways with the College; call Joe Mansueto to give me a hand finding a good new job for a great guy; ask Bruce Rauner to pitch in personally on a new venture, etc., etc. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes, but in Chicago people stick around and stand up for each other when it matters. It’s the best place in the country to build a business.

Finally, I want to thank my wife, Judy, who has suffered thru more start-ups, stress and eventually happy endings than most of the people in this room. She has been my greatest fan, my harshest critic (when I get too full of myself – which happens very rarely), and a partner throughout in all of the ups and downs of 25 years of turmoil. I can’t thank her enough and apparently (as she sometimes reminds me) I can’t thank her often enough either.

Thanks again.

Howard Tullman

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Marc Schulman Honored to receive the Chicago Foodservice Marketing Club Hall of Fame Award–the same Award received by his father, Eli Schulman in 1988

In April of 1988, my family and associates at Eli’s were honored when my dad, Eli Schulman, received the Hall of Fame Award from the Chicago Foodservice Marketing Club. The former winners, a list of which is reprinted below, is a great list of people committed to promoting the foodservice and restaurant business in Chicagoland and really making a difference in our community, In addition to my dad, it includes industry leaders like Fred Buedel, father of my associate, Mary Beth Jakstys, Arnie Morton and Don Roth.

The highlight of the evening honored my dad was a slide show (this is before Power Point) that we created highlighting his life, career and service to the community. It was a surprise for my dad and really touched the hearts of all in attendance for all that he had done in the restaurant business, the community and in creating his cheesecake. It was one of best things we could have ever done as my dad passed away suddenly one week later on May 7th of 1988. Because of this Award, he knew how much he had accomplished and how much everyone cared.

It is an honor to accept the Hall of Fame Award on behalf of everyone at Eli’s and to know that we are continuing to have an impact on the foodservice industry in Chicago.

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