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“City Science”-WYCC to Visit Eli’s Cheesecake World for a Tour

On Friday, June 19th, Professor Mike Davis of Harold Washington College and Kim Bernal toured Eli’s Cheesecake World for a upcoming episode of City Science on WYCC to see the science of making an Eli’s Cheesecake. For more information on the show and their upcoming episodes, visit


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Guest Speaker at Caroline Shoenberger’s Business Law Class at Harold Washington College

Each year I look forward to visiting Caroline Shoenberger’s Business Law Class at Harold Washington. Previously the Commissioner of Consumer Services for the City of Chicago, Caroline brings an exceptional legal, business and governmental experience to the classroom

The quality of the faculty at Harold Washington, Wright and the other City Colleges of Chicago is a well kept secret. Professor Shoenberger is a great example of the quality of instruction and the small size of the class.

It was great to speak to such an engaged group of students. Afterwards I learned of their day jobs which ranged from the commodity exchanges to banking to retail. These students are working on a full day and then spending their evenings in the nuturing environment of Harold Washington College.

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Marc Schulman Delighted to Be a Guest Lecturer for Professor Caroline Shoenberger at Harold Washington College

This year, the students at Harold Washington College, the downtown branch of the City Colleges of Chicago, are fortunate to enjoy the results of a $35 million makeover of the facility at Lake & Wabash in Chicago. Started under the direction of now President Emeritus, Nancy Desombre, formerly the Vice President at Wright College, and finished under the leadership of President John Wozniak, the students of HW now have a facility that is up to 21st century standards as well as being more accessible and student friendly.

Those facilities are fortunate to host some great faculty members and it was my pleasure on December 6th to be a Guest Lecturer in the business class of Professor Caroline Shoenberger. I have known Caroline for over 18 years in her service at the State’s Attorney’s Office under Richard M. Daley and then when she moved to City Hall as Commissioner of Consumer Services. In her long tenure as Commissioner, Caroline was a leader in the expansion of the Maxwell Street Market, a tremendous adovocate for consumers and a leader in increased education and performance standards for cab operators.

Today, Caroline is both a practicing attorney and adjunct professor at Harold Washington. It was a great testament to her teaching skills that her class is SRO; and I could not say enough great things about the interest and enthusiasm of her students.

Congratulations to President Wozniak, Dean Bickford and Professor Shoenberger on creating such a great learning environment for this most important group of students. The City Colleges of Chicago, Wright, HW and the other campuses are critical to the future vitality of our city and we need to support all these students with great facilities, staff and faculty.





The Harold Washington College Facility was 43 years old so a make-over was long overdue. 

Marc, wearing his Harold Washington College Hat, presented by Dean George Bickford (on the right) and Professor Caroline Shoenberger. 

The Class was SRO and the students were extremely engaged in the conversation. Happily, Eli’s Treats were provided. 

Marc Schulman with Sherry Chu, one of the students in the class.

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