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Eli’s Cheesecake World Tour Featured on WQAD in Moline

We were delighted to host WQAD for a tour of Eli’s Cheesecake World earlier this month. At Eli’s, we take great pride in our people and our products and it is an honor for us to tell the Eli’s story. See you in 2007.


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Eli’s Cheesecake World Named a Top Pick for Families in “Kids Love Illinois”

Congratulations to George and Michele Zavatzky on the publication of “Kids Love Illinois.” The Illinois book joins a series of 10 other state guides that give families some very interesting places to visit. The Ilinois Book has over 600 listings in seven geographical zones around the state and we are delighted to be one of the top picks.

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Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama include Eli’s Cheesecake in their wager with the Senators from Texas

This has been one great week in Chicago and at Eli’s. Starting with Mayor Daley’s wager of Eli’s Cheesecake on Saturday morning and the great victories by the Sox at home on Saturday and Sunday, the excitement continued with the Sox late night victory over the Astros on what was by then Wednesday.

Eli’s is delighted that our distinguished Senators from Illinois, Durbin and Obama, have featured Eli’s in their wager with Senators Hutchison and Cornyn of Texas. That wager is looking pretty good right now for Illinois and we look forward to a Sox victory and World Championship this evening.

Illinois vs. Texas: Senators bet on World

WASHINGTON – Illinois Senators Barack Obama (D-IL) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) have challenged Texas Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) and John Cornyn (R-TX) to a friendly, bi-partisan wager on the outcome of the 2005 World Series Championship.

The “red state vs. blue state” match-up intensifies the already heated rivalry. The U.S. Senators representing the World Series Champions will receive a basket of products from the opposing team’s home state.

In the event that the Astros win, Obama and Durbin will begrudgingly provide the Texas Senators with Al’s Italian beef, Polish sausages and Vienna beef hot dogs. For dessert, they will offer Chicago-made Tootsie Rolls and Eli’s Cheesecake.

By winning the National League Championship last Wednesday, the Houston Astros became the first baseball team from Texas to go to the World Series. Three days earlier, the White Sox won the American League Championship for the first time in nearly half a century. If victorious, the Chicago players will be the first White Sox to wear the Championship ring in 88 years. Both teams are eager for a tickertape parade.

“We are all extremely proud of what the White Sox have accomplished and everyone in Chicago will be cheering when they bring the championship home,” said Obama. “And as I’ve told my wife many, many times, the White Sox are 1 and 0 in games where I throw out the first pitch. So all I’m saying is that if Ozzie calls, the arm is rested and ready.”

“No matter who they rooted for all season long, today every baseball fan in Illinois is pulling for the White Sox as they attempt to bring home to Chicago the city’s first World Series championship in 88 years,” said Senator Durbin.

“I have so many fond memories of cheering for the Astros as a reporter and a state representative from Houston,” said Sen. Hutchison. “I remember when the Astros, then named the Colts, beat the Chicago Cubs in 1962 during their first Major League game and when Nolan Ryan became the first player to reach 4,000 strikeouts in a career at the Astrodome in 1985. Now the Astros have reached a new milestone in their history by winning the National League Championship and are going to the World Series. Our Houston Astros have made all Texans proud by winning the National League pennant and giving the Lone Star State a team to cheer for in the World Series.”

“I’m confident that the Astros’ World Series debut will be one to remember. When the pressure’s on, this ball club knows how to get the job done,” U.S. Sen. John Cornyn said. “I’d like to congratulate the players, the team’s leadership, and all the fans in Houston and across the state.”

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Illinois Senator Dick Durbin Tours Eli’s Cheesecake World

On Friday, Wright College hosted a Town Hall Meeting for Illinois Veterans with Senators Dick Durbin, Barck Obama and the Veteran’s Administration Secretary, Jim Nicholson. It was a great honor for Wright to host both Senators and Eli’s provided dessert for all veterans in attendance.

Shortly before the meeting, we were fortunte to have Senator Dick Durbin tour our bakery and meet our people. Senator Durbin has been a great advocate for Eli’s Cheesecake serving our cheesecake to Congress on National Cheesecake Day and “wagering” Eli’s with Senator Obama with their North Carolina counterparts when the U of I played for the NCAA Championship.

Senator Durbin with our decorating team

Senator Durbin asked Eli’s Production Manager Armando Gomez about Eli’s
baking conveyor system.


Senator Durbin with Eli’s President, Marc Schulman

Senator Durbin learns what it takes to bake an Eli’s Cheesecake from Armando Gomez and Eli’s lead baker, Michael Ettore

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Springfield and Illinois Celebrate the dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

I was fortunate to serve as a Trustee of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency from 1985 to 1991. During that time, the state opened the Cahokia Mounds Museum, acquired the Dana Thomas House, and acquired the Pullman Car Works and Florence Hotel. One of the great dreams of Julie Cellini, the Chair of our Board, Susan Mogerman, the Director, Seanator Durbin and the Illinois Congressional Delegation was the creation of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library.

It is great to see the opening become a reality this coming week creating what what will be one of the State’s top attractions. The following column by Mark Brown in the Sun Times shows the promise of this new Illinois gem

A special thanks is due to Steve Neal, author, historian and Sun Times Columnist, now memorialized by the Steve Neal Reading Room, which honors his crusade to see the Museum remain independent. Steve was a great friend of my dad’s and was one of the speakers at our ceremony to announce the creation of the Eli M. Schulman Playground in October of 1988.


April 16

  • Looking for Lincoln Block Party (10 a.m. – 9
    p.m., downtown Springfield from the Old State Capitol to Lincoln’s family home
    neighborhood to the Museum) – A two-day celebration featuring living history,
    music, theater troupes, choirs, folk dancers and artists from across the

  • Culinary Court (10 a.m. – 9 p.m., along
    Washington Street, north of the Old State Capitol) – A food festival featuring
    cuisine from Springfield area restaurants.

  • Museum Open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (with paid

  • Arts Council Kids Area 11 a.m. ‚ 3 p.m. Lincoln
    Home Neighborhood

  • Military Band Concert Air National Guard of the
    5:30 p.m. ‚ 7:30 p.m.
    In front of Lincoln’s Home
    Bring lawn

  • Period Music Program 97th Regimental String
    7:30 p.m.
    New Salem State Park
    Reservations required as limited
    (217) 632-4000

  • Children’s Art Exhibit (All day) Old State

  • 2005 Presidential Race Click here to download form to enter race.

Sunday, April 17

  • Day two of Looking for Lincoln Block Party (10
    a.m. – 9 p.m.)

  • Arts Council Kids Area (11 a.m. ‚ 3 p.m.) Lincoln
    Home Neighborhood

  • Children’s Art Exhibit (All day) Old State

  • Taylorville Folk Art Lincoln Exhibit
    9 a.m. ‚
    5 p.m.
    210 South Sixth Street

  • Day two of Culinary Court (10 a.m. – 9 p.m.)

  • Interfaith Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Abraham

    Location: Union Square Park / Presidential Museum Time: 2
    p.m. Rain Out: Convention Center

  • Scholarly Conference “Lincoln in the Twenty-First
    (all day, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library) – A two-day
    conference will examine everything from Lincoln’s attitude toward race and his
    domestic life, to his wartime leadership and assassination. The conference will
    conclude at 3:30 p.m. on the 18th with a panel hosted by C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb and
    featuring three generations of the world’s foremost Lincoln scholars -David
    Herbert Donald, Harold Holzer, Matthew Pinsker and David Gergen. This conference is sold out.

  • Recreation of Lincoln’s Farewell Address followed by a
    Torchlight Parade
    (6:30 p.m., Old Train Depot to Union Square
    Park/Presidential Museum)

  • Outdoor Concert, Fireworks and Laser Spectacular
    (8 p.m., Union Square Park) – With musical accompaniment by the 312th Army

  • Museum Open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (with paid

Monday, April 18

  • Breakfast sponsored by the Abraham Lincoln
    (7:30 a.m., Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). This
    breakfast will feature an outlook to the year 2009 and progress reports from the
    Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. This event
    is sold out.

  • Day two of Scholarly Conference “Lincoln in the
    Twenty-First Century”
    (all day, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library)
    This conference is sold out.

  • Recreated Lincoln White House State Dinner There
    is an extremely limited number of seats still available at $500 per person,
    available by calling Amy Jackson at 217-558-8906. Note: This dinner
    has been moved to the Prairie Capitol Convention

    This fundraiser for the Abraham Lincoln
    Presidential Library Foundation will feature a Lincoln-era menu and 19th-century
    music courtesy of the 312th Army Band. The first David Herbert Donald Prize for
    excellence in Lincoln studies will be presented to its namesake, the Pulitzer
    Prize-winning author of the definitive one-volume Lincoln biography. Click here for registration information

  • Springfield Choral Society Concert – 7 p.m.
    Central Baptist Church

  • Taylorville Folk Art Lincoln Exhibit (9 a.m. ‚ 5
    p.m.) 210 South Sixth Street

Tuesday, April 19

  • Taylorville Folk Art Lincoln Exhibit (9 a.m. ‚ 5
    p.m.) 210 South Sixth Street

  • Public Dedication: (10 a.m., Union Square Park) -
    Join Gov. Blagojevich and other prominent figures at this memorable program
    signaling the official opening of the presidential museum. The eleven o’clock
    ceremony will be preceded by a special one-hour concert featuring music by the
    312 Army Band.

    Additionally, the winner of a student essay contest
    sponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and C-SPAN will
    read his or her modern-day version of the Gettysburg address to the

Steve Neal Reading Room
The Library’s General Reading Room has been named in honor of the
late Steve Neal, the Chicago Sun-Times writer whose frequent columns about the
Library kept the project in the public’s eye. Neal authored ten books on U.S.
history, including the recently published, “Happy Days Are Here Again”, about
the 1932 Democratic Convention.

The published collection of materials
owned by Steve Neal and donated to the ALPL consists of 1,950 books which will
be housed on the first four ranges of shelving in the Main Reading

The books cover a broad time period, including a book on the Roman
Empire (1152 B.C.), to the present. Subjects include: Abraham Lincoln; United
States presidents, politicians and historical figures; the history of Illinois
and Chicago; U.S. Constitutional history; the Civil War, world wars, Vietnam,
foreign affairs and military history; European history; African Americans; Irish
literature/anthologies, Shakespeare and poetry; sports; the ocean; cultural
histories; and biographies of persons such as Stalin and Queen Elizabeth. A
number of books are autographed by persons of prominence and are also
presentation copies to Steve Neal. These books will all be cataloged on the
Library’s online card catalog, Dynix, and on OCLC, an international
bibliographical database.


Illinois’ proud new motto: Land of Lincoln

April 12, 2005



SPRINGFIELD — Start making your plans. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential
Museum opens to the public this weekend, and this is something you’re going to
want to see for yourself, even if you haven’t been to the state capital since
your grade school field trip — maybe especially if you haven’t been here since
your school field trip. I took a tour of the museum Monday, and I think it’s
going to be big. Huge even.

The Lincoln Presidential Museum will immediately become Downstate’s most
popular man-made tourist attraction. Chicago’s museums will need to take note.
The Smithsonian might take a few pointers.

What’s the big deal?

Well, they managed to make it interesting. And fun. And educational. And
moving.And first-rate.That’s right. The government of the State of Illinois was
involved in doing something first-rate. I can hardly believe it myself.From the
holographic special effects used in an exhibit called “Ghosts of the Library,”
the quality of which compares favorably with Disney, to the piano solo of
“Johnny Comes Marching Home” that punctuates a brilliantly simple presentation
on the Civil War’s death toll, this is a museum that dares to get your

Will be prototype

The museum joins the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, which opened last
fall, in a sprawling $150 million taxpayer-funded complex that should suit the
needs of serious Lincoln scholars while supplying plenty of the
bells-and-whistles that today’s kids prefer.

Organizers say there’s never been a presidential library and museum like it,
which I’m in no position to either confirm or deny, but I can promise you there
will be others like it in the future. This will be the prototype.

In the Land of Lincoln, it’s amazing sometimes how much we take the 16th
president of the United States for granted and how little most of us know about
him, as I was reminded on a family vacation last year to Washington, D.C., and
Gettysburg. This should help change that.

One of the strengths of the new museum is that there isn’t the same
sugar-coating we usually get with the mythical Lincoln.

“He became a legend, and we haven’t seen him clearly since,” says the
narrator of another special-effects filled theater presentation that sharpens
our focus.

Richard Norton Smith, the museum’s executive director who gave me the tour,
said many of those who have visited it so far have commented on how they hadn’t
realized how unpopular Lincoln was during his presidency, or how he was vilified
in the press.

The museum doesn’t flinch from race. In a room depicting Lincoln with his
Cabinet members debating whether to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, there’s
a written synopsis of where each of the men stood.

‘Spoiled their children rotten’

For Attorney General Edward Bates, it says: “Although against black equality,
Bates gave his unreserved support to the Proclamation. He hoped and assumed that
once free, all Negroes would leave the United States to colonize Central

Does the museum have shortcomings? Certainly.

As it stands now, there’s no way for everybody to get as good a tour as I
received from Smith, who wove together the various exhibits with some of the
rich details and anecdotes that bring history alive.

For instance, while viewing a scene depicting two of Lincoln’s boys
misbehaving in his law office while he tries to work, Smith observed: “The
Lincolns were very indulgent parents. The consensus in Springfield was they
spoiled their children rotten.”

The exhibit itself isn’t as frank.

I suggest the museum immediately develop one of those tape-recorded
audiophone tours using Smith’s narration. I’m also a little concerned about
traffic flow, or how well the museum will handle big crowds.For that reason, I’d
recommend waiting a few months to visit while they work out the bugs. That
should give Smith enough time to tape his narrated tour.

Building is no beauty

I suppose you could sniff about the architecture, if that were your only
point of reference. The building is no beauty, but it doesn’t detract from the
experience.Smith’s hope is the museum will serve as a catalyst to draw visitors
to other Lincoln historical sites, especially those in Illinois.

My suggestion would be to combine the new presidential museum with some
combination of Lincoln’s home, the Old State Capitol, Lincoln’s Tomb or New
Salem.You want the kids to appreciate real historical settings, too. The Ford’s
Theater portion of the museum is decent, but it doesn’t compare with seeing the
real thing.

Springfield field trips will never be the same.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Supports the Illinois Restaurant Association and the Red Cross—Desserts for Disaster Week in Illinois–January 24 to 29th

There is no course of the meal that we appreciate at Eli’s than
dessert; actually we recommend that you eat dessert first. For that reason, we
are delighted to partner with the Illinois Restaurant Association and the Red
Cross in supporting Desserts for Disaster Week.

If you visit the Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe or Eli’s the Place
for Steak during the week of January 24 to the 29th, all proceeds from Big
Eli—our tall Original Cheesecake, will be donated to the American Red

Many of Chicago’s finest restaurants and members of the
Illinois Restaurant Association feature Eli’s Cheesecake. For those restaurants
who brand Eli’s on their dessert menu, we will make an additional donation to
the American Red Cross—truly a great partnership.

Dine out in Chicago at Eli’s and at one of these
restaurants during Desserts for Disaster Week, particularly those that feature
Eli’s Cheesecake.

Desserts for Disaster” Week – January 24 – 29, 2005

The following restaurants are proud to be a part of “Desserts for
Disaster” Week, contributing the profits from their dessert sales from January
24The – 29 to the American Red Cross International Response Fund.

Please visit these establishments and thank them for their commitment to
aiding the disaster relief efforts in Southeast Asia. Continue to check this
site, as we add more participating restaurants to the list.

Abbey Pub, Chicago – Bread pudding, Bailey’s
Alexander’s Steakhouse, Champaign – All dessert
Alexander’s Steakhouse, Normal – All dessert
Alexander’s Steakhouse, Peoria – All dessert
Alexander’s Steakhouse, Springfield – All dessert
Ann Sather Restaurant, Chicago (929 W. Belmont) -
Cinnamon rolls
Argonaut Great Central Insurance Company,
Bacino’s Pizzeria, Chicago (118 S. Clinton) -
Chocolate madness
Bacino’s Pizzeria, Chicago (2204 N.
Lincoln) – Chocolate madness
Bella Bacino’s, Chicago (75 E.
Wacker) – Chocolate madness
Bella Bacino’s, LaGrange -
Chocolate madness
Big Shoulders Cafe, Chicago – All dessert
Bistro Margot, Chicago – Choice of dessert items:
Bluegrass, Highland Park – All dessert
Bruna’s Ristorante, Chicago – All dessert
Cafe Spiaggia, Chicago – All ala carte
Cavanaugh’s, Chicago – Raspberry chambord
Cesar’s Restaurant, Chicago – Flan, fried ice
cream, Cesar’s delight (fried bananas with strawberries), cinnamon cheese
Chez Willy’s, Galesburg**
, Chicago – All dessert items
, Chicago (Archer Avenue) – Ice box cake, tiramisu,
Connie’s Pizza, Naperville – Ice box cake,
tiramisu, cheesecake
Connie’s Pizza, Orland Park – Ice box
cake, tiramisu, cheesecake
Connie’s Pizza, Westmont – Ice
box cake, tiramisu, cheesecake
Cyrano’s Bistrot, Chicago -
All dessert items
Di Piero’s, Lake Zurich – Cannoli,
tiramisu, tripple chocolate cake, chocolate sundae, pumpkin
Don Roth’s Blackhawk, Wheeling – All dessert
Famous Dave’s BBQ, Bloomington – All dessert
Fox’s Restaurants, Oak Lawn – Warm brownie sundae, hot
fudge sundae, cheesecake, elmers sundae, ice cream
Fradillio’s Spring
, Spring Grove – Homemade chocolate cake, cookies,
Gene and Georgetti’s, Chicago – Spumoni ice
cream, cheesecake, carrot cake, flourless chocolate cake,
Hackney’s Lake Zurich, Lake Zurich – All dessert
Harry Caray’s Restaurant, Chicago – Tiramisu, key lime
pie, turtle cheesecake, vanilla creme brulee, brownie sundae, chocolate torta
with warm caramel pecan sauce, warm apple pie with apple cinnamon ice cream,
lemon Italian ice, vanilla bean ice cream, apple cinnamon ice cream, cappuccino
chocolate chip ice cream, coconut sorbet, Italian cheese
Harvest Moon Cafe, Woodstock – Chocolate fantasy,
creme brulee, praline cake, struessel fruit crisps, cheesecake, Harvest carrot
Home Run Inn, Addison – Chocalate dipped cannoli,
chocolate fudge spumoni
Home Run Inn, Chicago (31st Street)
- Chocalate dipped cannoli, chocolate fudge spumoni
Home Run
, Chicago (Archer Avenue) – Chocalate dipped cannoli, chocolate
fudge spumoni
Home Run Inn, Darien – Chocalate dipped
cannoli, chocolate fudge spumoni
Jury’s, Chicago – Chocolate
mousse cake, ice cream cake, tiramisu
Kappy’s Restaurant &
Pancake House
, Arlington Heights – All dessert items
Restaurant & Pancake House
, Morton Grove – All dessert
Kevil’s, Forest Park – Brownie sundae, chocolate
sundae, raspberry sundae, pie of the day, dessert of the day
, Chicago – All dessert items
, Chicago – All dessert items
Los Dos
, Chicago*
Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Buffalo
Grove – “My apple pie,” individual peach cobbler, chocolate chip cookie
Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Chicago (Lincoln Park) – “My
apple pie,” individual peach cobbler, chocolate chip cookie pizza
Malnati’s Pizzeria
, Chicago (River North) – “My apple pie,” individual
peach cobbler, chocolate chip cookie pizza
Lou Malnati’s
, Elk Grove Village – “My apple pie,” individual peach cobbler,
chocolate chip cookie pizza
Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Evanston
- “My apple pie,” individual peach cobbler, chocolate chip cookie
Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Lincolwood – “My apple pie,”
individual peach cobbler, chocolate chip cookie pizza
Lou Malnati’s
, Naperville (Downtown) – “My apple pie,” individual peach
cobbler, chocolate chip cookie pizza
Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria,
Schaumburg (Roselle Road) – “My apple pie,” individual peach cobbler, chocolate
chip cookie pizza
Max and Benny’s,
Mike Ditka’s Restaurant, Chicago – All dessert
Molly Malone’s, Forest Park – All dessert
Monastero’s Ristorante, Chicago – All dessert
Morseland, Chicago – Cheesecake, cobbler, French silk
Palmer Place Restaurant, LaGrange – Chocolate tsunami
Park Grill, Chicago – All dessert
Pasta Palazzo, Chicago – All dessert
Peggy Kinnane’s, Arlington Heights – Bread pudding,
Bailey’s cheesecake, apple pie, Frazios ice cream
Phil Stefani’s 437
, Chicago – All dessert items
Pizazz Kitchen &
, Schaumburg – All dessert items
Roly Poly’s
, LaGrange – Sweet Roly’s,
Rosal’s, Chicago – White chocolate mousse, tiramisu,
lemoncello, cannoli, spumoni pie
Sabor-Latino Restaurant,
Chicago – Baked Spanish milk flan, baked Spanish coconut flan, Puerto-Rican
guava filled pastry puff
Schitzel Platz, Glendale Heights -
All dessert items
The Fireplace Inn, Chicago – Key lime pie,
death by chocolate layer cake, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, carrot
The Flame of Countryside, Countryside – Cheesecake,
chocolate mousse, coconut macadamia pudding, bread pudding
Signature Room at the 95th
, Chicago – Signature citrus cheesecake with
fresh strawberries and sugar tuile with a lime coulis
, Geneva – All dessert items
Tiparos Thai
, Chicago – All dessert items
Twin Anchors,
Chicago – Cheesecake
Uncle Bub’s Hickory Smoked BBQ and Broasted
, Westmont – Apple pie, peach or cherry cobbler, banana pudding,
chocolate cake, chocolate, vanilla or twist ice cream
Union League
Club of Chicago
, Chicago – Dessert selections from lunch and dinner
Villa Rosa Pizza & Pasta, Chicago – Cannoli and
chocolate cake
Vonachen’s Old Place, Peoria – All dessert
White Castle System, Chicago*

*Due to a limited dessert menu, this restaurant is contributing funds
directly to the American Red Cross
**This restaurant will be contributing the
profits from their dessert sales on Friday, January 28

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Eli’s Supports the Mission of the Illinois Council on Economic Education

In our work to
improve entrepreneurial education and the promotion of entrepreneurial business
in the food and other industries, we are delighted to support and partner with
the Illinois Council on Economic Education. The IICE is the state-wide leader in
educating students and teachers about the value of our economics system and the
opportunities available in building businesses and our community


We believe that all children should be
able to benefit fully from and contribute meaningfully to the economic system in
which they live. It is the mission of the Illinois Council on Economic Education
to help all children in Illinois become effective participants in the economy,
enabling them to benefit themselves and society throughout their lifetimes. As
effective participants in the economy, all students should leave high school
with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to become:

  • Productive members of the work
    force, as employees or entrepreneurs
  • Responsible citizens
  • Knowledgeable consumers
  • Prudent savers and
  • Effective participants in the
    global economy
  • Competent decision-makers
    throughout their lives

The Illinois Council on
Economic Education (ICEE), an affiliate of the National Council on
Economic Education (NCEE)
, is the premier provider in Illinois of economic
education programs for K-12 schools. ICEE helps schools integrate the teaching
of economics across all grade levels, preparing students to meet Illinois Learning
, and providing them with the fundamental economic concepts and
skills needed to understand and succeed in our market economy.

The Council is a
partnership of leaders from business, labor, agriculture, education, and
government dedicated to increasing economic literacy in Illinois. A Governing Board and a Board of
provide leadership for the Council’s work. Board firms and other
partners contribute over $800,000 each year to
support the Council.

Established in 1951, the
Illinois Council on Economic Education is the oldest continuously active state
council in the National
Council on Economic Education
network. Located at Northern Illinois
University, ICEE is part of the Division of University Outreach.

ICEE accomplishes its
mission of economic literacy through the comprehensive EconomicsAmerica Program,
which consists of:

  • Setting Standards
  • Training Teachers
  • Developing Curriculum
  • Providing Curriculum
  • Evaluating Results

The Council’s programs, delivered
through university-based Centers, integrate the
teaching of economics (including personal finance and entrepreneurship)
throughout the curriculum, helping schools develop a comprehensive and
sequential curriculum for economics. Through its Centers for Economic Education,
and in cooperation with the Illinois State Board of Education, the Council delivers
training to approximately 2,500 K-12 teachers each year. Programs include:

  • professional development for K-12
  • curriculum consulting
  • classroom simulations for K-12
  • educational competitions and
    awards programs
  • first-class curriculum materials
    for integrating economics within the curriculum.

For more information, visit

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Eli’s No Sugar Added Cheesecake has a great fan in Sterling, Illinois

My dad, Eli, was a diabetic so we always wanted to make a great no sugar
added cheesecake. Last year we started working with our friends at Equal to come
out with a no sugar added cheesecake that was great enough to bear the Eli’s
name. For that reason, I was very happy to get this letter from W. Gillette who
found our 5″ no sugar added cheesecake in the bakery section at the Wal-Mart
Super Center.

Two years ago I had gastric bypass surgery. Since then my family and
myself have tried a lot of no sugar added items. Some of them just plain tasted
bad, others had a funny after taste. Unfortunately some had some pretty nasty
side effects. I found one common factor with all of them. They all contained
mannitol, malitol and or sorbitol. I found it discouraging that no one had found
a way to make no sugar added items with just Equal or Splenda, everything seemed
to be based on sugar alcohols.

Yesterday when I was grocery shopping I took a look at the bakery
goods looking for no sugar added items hoping to find something good. As usual
the cakes and cookies had mannitol, malitol and or sorbitol listed in the
ingredients. Then I picked up your cheesecake, too my surprise none of these
sugar substitutes was on the label. I bought just one cheesecake and brought it
home to my family.

Everybody loved it! No funny taste, no after taste, and most
importantly no nasty side effects.

I will be recommending your product to everyone I know! Your product
gives me the freedom to enjoy dessert with my family. I know it will be helpful
to a lot of other people too.

Thank-you so very much for putting the time and effort into
developing this wonderful no sugar added product. I hope it is just one of many
you may put on the market in the future.

Thanks again,



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