One of our great honors is to accompany Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley when he brings a “Taste of Chicago” to Washington D.C. This year, the Mayor invited Members of Congress and other dignitaries to the Great Hall of the
Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress which opened to the public in November of 1897.







The Great Hall is one of the most magnificent public spaces in the country. The ceiling is 75 feet above the marble floor and is decorated with stained glass skylights supported by elaborately paneled beams finished in aluminum leaf. In the center of the marble floor is a large brass inlay shaped like a sun, on which are inscribed the four cardinal points of the compass. Bordering the sun on four sides are round medallions with 12 brass inlays
representing the signs of the zodiac..


On the east side is the Commemorative Arch leading back to the Main Reading Room . Inscribed into the frieze above are the words Library of Congress. Above that, flanked by eagles, is a tablet with the names of the
engineers and architects who were responsible for the design and construction of the Jefferson Building.




Eli’s brought an assortment of cheesecakes–Original, Cookies & Cream and Mud Pie that were a hit of the party.



Chicago has a very dedicated hospitality community which is delighted to support events promoting the City around the country.


Eli’s Marc Schulman celebrates the success of the Taste of Chicago in DC with Tom Grey and Tim Thomas of the Mayor’s Office of Special Events, who produce the Taste of Chicago and this special event in Washington.


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