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Eli’s Jolene Worthington Featured Chef at the Green City Market Chef’s BBQ

In its 11 years, the Green City Market, an independent not for profit organization and Chicago’s only sustainable green market has developed a national reputation for its promotion of local, artisan farmers and producers, increasing the supply of high quality locally produced food in Chicago and to educate children and adults about the importance of sustainable agriculture. These were the principles of the late founder of the Green City Market, Abby Mandel, who started the Market in an alley next to the Chicago Theater and oversaw its growth.

Abby’s dedication to local sustainable agriculture was an inspiration to all of us at Eli’s and was of the reasons that we expanded Farmers Market with Wright College and expanded our partnership with the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

Eli’s Executive Vice President, Jolene Worthington, was a long time friend of Abby’s, and is a close personal and professional friend with Sarah Stegner and Carrie Nahabedian, who have taken the lead in the continued growth of the Green City Market.

It was therefore a pleasure to participate in the 2009 Green City Market Chef’s BBQ on Thursday, July 16th in Lincoln Park. Jolene, with the partnership of Eli’s Executive Pastry Chef and Head of Product Development, Diana Moles, Kathy Kirby and Jennifer Doezie served an awesome Capriole Farm Goat Cheese Cheesecake with Blackberries.

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Kathy Kirby and Jolene Worthington Present Eli’s Cheesecake Products to Green City Markets

March 6, 2009 



Along with offering fresh, local produce, GCM is planning to have themes for each market day with a special culinary event featuring and promoting local, sustainable farmers, producers, and the chefs who work closely with them. This meeting also included chef demos highlighting products available at the Green City Market.  March Chef Demonstrations featured and promoted Artisanal Cheese. Kathy Kirby & Jolene Worthington were there to present some of Eli’s products and talked with people about what Eli’s can offer to them.



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Eli’s Master Baker, Jolene Worthington, Featured at Christmas Around the World, at the Museum of Science & Industry


at the Museum of Science & Industry

Join renowned Chicago chefs as they

create some of their favorite desserts for

the holiday entertaining season!

Demonstrations begin at 1 p.m. at the Holiday Stage

Wednesday, December 21

Jolene Worthington

Master Baker, Eli’s

Chicago, Ill.

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Eli’s Cheesecake helps writes the history of cheesecake–presentation by Jolene Worthington to the Culinary Historians of Chicago

The Delectable History of Cheesecake”

Presented by: Jolene Worthington

Executive Vice President of Operations

Eli’s Cheesecake Company, Chicago


While modern American cheesecake began with cream cheese, invented in 1872,
the creation of cheesecake began hundred of years earlier in Europe. Jolene
Worthington’s talk covered a cornucopia of cheesecake’s ethnic history and lore,
including Chicago’s slice of cheesecake history. (Ever hear of Sara Lee
perchance? That classic product has been around for a half-century!) And she
recounted the creamy memories of New York’s revered Lindy’s cheesecake, that
years ago turned people into cheesecake cultists. Topping off her talk was such
conversational nibbles as How many cheesecakes are produced in the United States
each day; the skinny on gourmet cheesecake; how commercial cheesecake is make;
and tips for the home baker on making fabulous cheesecake. We had over 20
different cheesecakes to sample — which helped to make up for the technical
difficulties we experienced during Ms. Worthington’s presentation.


Jolene Worthington is one of America’s most esteemed cheesecake mavens. She
has been responsible for the creative and technical production and operations at
Eli’s Cheesecake sine the company began in 1983. The Eli’s Cheesecake Company
and Eli’s Bakery Café and Tourism Center in Chicago is now one of the largest
national gourmet cheesecake processors distributing desserts throughout the
U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.


Ms. Worthington trained in pastries and baking and candy making at the
Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, N.Y. During her more than 20-year
food career, Ms. Worthington has been a columnist for the Chicago Tribune’s food
section; has served as a consultant for Time Life Books; and has taught cooking
and pastries in Chicago. She is the author of Pies, published by Consumer

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