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Leaders from Crossings of Knoxville visit Eli’s Cheesecake.

In February of 2007 when Crossings Faith Community opened in Knoxville, Jon Ferguson, a noted Pastor from Naperville arranged for Eli’s Cheesecake to be delivered to Pastor Mark Nelson and the founding members of the congregation.

We were delighted to see Eli’s be part of this important community initiative in Knoxville and have made it a point to see that Eli’s Cheesecake has been served thereafter on the Anniversary, or as it is know, “Cheesecake Sunday.”

Recently we were delighted to have Pastor Mark and the Leadership Team from Crossings visit us when they were in Chicago for training and community service.

Right before visiting Eli’s, they had lunch at one of our customers, Lou Malnati’s Pizza in North Lawndale, a store that was opened by the Malnati Family in response to a request to help the community by the founder of Lawndale Community Church.

We were delighted to enjoy our Cheesecake with them under the Big Top and to introduce some of our Best People (Jeff Anderson, Aurelio Ayala, Elias Kasongo and Jeff Anderson) to explain the love and care that we give every Cheesecake & Dessert as well as the impact that Eli’s works to have in the community.


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Crossings Pastor Mark Nelson from Knoxville sends a thank you to Eli’s Cheesecake on YouTube

One of our special relationships at Eli’s Cheesecake is with
Crossings, a faith community in Knoxville, Tennessee. Last year, as Crossings
was getting ready to open, Pastor Tim Sullivan of Naperville arranged for Eli’s
to be the dessert for all attending that opening service. Pastor Mark Nelson,
the Pastor and Founder of Crossings, used that Eli’s Cheesecake in a very
important way in his service.

When we learned about the gift, we committed to providing Eli’s
Cheesecake for the first and every subsequent birthday for Crossings in
February. When we had our Annual Meeting for our people, we asked Pastor Nelson
to share a message with our people. We were delighted when that video was posted
to YouTube so check it out and see how exciting for Eli’s to play a role in
building the Crossings Community.

Thank you Mark!



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Crossings in Knoxville, Celebrates its 1st Birthday with Eli’s Cheesecake


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Crossings in Knoxville,a faith community is launched, and Eli’s Cheesecake is part of the opening celebration

It is always exciting for us at Eli’s to see where our cheesecake is enjoyed. Tonight I found Jon Ferguson’s Blog highlighting the opening of the Crossings in Knoxville earlier that day. I then went to Pastor Mark Nelson’s Blog and read about the activities for the Launch Weekend. How exciting it was for all of us at Eli’s to read that the Sunday service began with the Rich Mullins song, “I Will Sing”…and ended with Pastor Nelson eating Eli’s Cheesecake from on stage. We are not sure how Eli’s got there, but are delighted to play a role in such a joyous event.

Friday, February 9

All that God has done…

Crossings, a faith community, is launching this Sunday. (I assume that’s something most of you already know.)

Obviously, it’s an incredibly exciting time. The next three days involve a multitude of things including the following:

-A 24-hour prayer and fast begins this morning at 11am. Our Launch Community and family and friends have signed up to pray for time slots of at least 20 minutes over the next days. Some are fasting as well.

-Saturday morning we will have our very first Leadership Community. We have over 50 committed, totally ‘bought in’ leaders as part of Crossings. They are serving in every area you can imagine. Our desire is bring these leaders together once a month and care for them, teach them, give them a place to worship, and continue to keep the vision of helping people find their way back to God out in front them. As part of this Leadership Community we will ‘break our fast’ at 11am together. I’m so excited for this time; it may be the most important thing we do all weekend.

-At 7am on Sunday we will begin unloading and setting up at Down Town West Theatres for the fifth time. (The four weeks we have had in the
theatre up to this point have been invaluable.)

-At 10am our worship gathering will begin with the Rich Mullins song, “I Will Sing”…and will end with me eating Eli’s cheesecake
from Chicago on stage (that one’s too hard for me to explain, you just have to see it). We have no idea who will come or how many, and that really is okay.   Really. We simply pray God will bring who He wants to Crossings…

-After our worship gathering…it’s time for the buffet at Mandarin House. You are all invited…seriously.


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