Growing up, I remember that very important visit in the early 70′s to our home by the Encyclopedia Britannica sales person. He made an
impressive presentation to my mother and me about how important it would be to have Britannica in our home and then closed with the ownership benefit that would make me the holder of a Library Research Service Certificate. As a certificate holder, I would receive one hundred gummed coupons registered in my name entitling me to ask up to one hundred questions on matters of fact over the next ten years and to then receive a report in reply.

WOW! That sold me; the ability to get timely answers, in about two weeks, to important questions. Today, we have Google, Yahoo, and so
many other ways to get answers immediately–for free. I remember how expensive that purchase of Britannica was for my parents and how it seemed that the purchase would be such a critical part of my education and citizenship. And therefore worth it.

It is fun to share our stories and photos, but most of all, the internet has to be a tool of learning and education. Let that 100 gummed coupons
over ten years (limited to ten per year) be 100 inquiries per day as we seek information and knowledge in our quest for life long learning.


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