Eli’s welcomed Mickey Mouse and Stich to the Magnificent Mile for a preview
of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, which is coming up on Saturday,
November 20th.

Eli’s Chef Martha Komoll teaches Stich how to decorate the cheesecake.

Eli’s “Big Cheese” welcomes Lilo and Stich to Chicago



The 500 lb. cheesecake is peppermint flavor and has a Disney holiday design.
This Cheeesecake will be on display at the Winter Walk during the day on
November 20th with free mini-cheesecake samples for children and cake

Eli’s has also created the Lights Festival Limited Edition 2004 Cheesecake.
It’s a rich and creamy white chocolate peppermeint cheesecake, bursting with
crushed red peppermint candy, topped with white chocolate ganache, a chocolate
candy caneand “nonpareil lights”..baked on a thick slabe of fudgy brownie. You
can order that right at our webs site.

Bringing a giant cheesecake to Michigan Avenue at 5am takes a great team—at
Michigan Avenue and back at the bakery.

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