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Eli’s Cheesecake Delighted to be in Los Angeles tonight for Windy City West Celebrating Chicagoans in the Entertainment Industry

Eli’s Cheesecake delighted to be in Los Angeles this evening, Monday, March 5th for the 25th Windy City West party honoring the Cub Tom Ricketts as “Windy City West Man of the Year. Held at  M Street Kitchen and Stella Rossa Pizza Bar in Santa Monica, owned by Rich Melman and his sons Jerrod and RJ, Eli’s has been a part of every Windy City West. Joining Eli’s in this Chicago Food Event are Lou Malnati’s Pizza, Vienna Beef, Garrett Popcorn,  Portillo’s Italian Beef, Gibson’s and Harry Caray’s.


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Over 1,000 Chicago Fan’s enjoy Eli’s Cheesecake at Sweet Home Illinois in LA

It was a great pleasure for Eli’s Cheecake to join Brenda Sexton, head of the Illinois Film Office, and a crowd of a 1,000 of Chicago ex-pats at the second annual Sweet Home Illinois held on Monday, September 26th at the Hilton Universal. Joining Eli’s is trucking in the Chicago feast for the event were Lou Malanati’s Pizza, Robinson’s Ribs, Star of Siam, Connie’s Pizza, Tuscany, Billy Goat, Original Rainbow Cone and Vienna Hot Dogs.

This was a special treat for our family as honoree of the evening, Joyce Sloane, co-founder and Producer Emeritus of the Second City, is a great family friend. Joyce is beloved in the industry and her award brought out such noted Second City Alumni as Jim Belushi, Richard Kind, John Kapalos, Fred Willard, Nia Vardalos and George Wendt.

Eli’s Marc and Maureen Schulman, with comedian and emcee of the evening, Tom Dressen, and noted actor, Joe Mantegna, co-owner with wife, Arlene of Taste Chicago in Burbank, a great place to get your Eli’s in Southern Calfornia.

Marc and Maureen with Adrian Zmed, co-star of Grease 2 with Michelle Pfieffer and a Chicago native. Zmed has helped Eli’s celebrate at Taste and also attended the premier of Grease 2 in Chicago, which was a benefit chaired by Maureen.

Elana, Haley and Maureen Schulman, with John Kapalos, a Second City Alumni, and a featured actor in such the John Hughes pictures, filmed in Illinois, “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles.”

Richard Kind with Marc Schulman, Kind recently played Max Bialystock in the Producers on Broadway and cut Eli’s giant Birthday Cake for the Taste of Chicago in 2003 when he was starring in Bounce at the Goodman.

Famous Chicago actor JIm Belushi and film maker and Chicago native Dan Halperin, enjoying Lou Malanati’s Pizza and Eli’s Cheesecake at Sweet Home Illinois with Eli’s, Marc Schulman

Cordell Robinson of Robinson’s Ribs and team brought the ribs and the grill from Chicago. Just like at Taste, Robinson’s was Eli’s neighbor at the event.

Lou Malanti’s, a mail order partner of Eli’s Cheesecake at brought the ovens and the make-up tables to Universal so all pizzas were made from scratch.



Eli’s is grateful to our broker, Elsie Pon, of Pon Brokerage and the staff of the Hilton Universal for their assistance in making this event possible. In total, Eli’s gave out 1,200 slices and Dippers at the event

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Eli’s Cheesecake Proud to be part of Sweet Home Illinois in Los Angeles honoring Joyce Sloane and Vince Vaughn

Congrats to Brenda Sexton for her leadership of the Illinois Film Office. Brenda has been a tireless advocate for getting the message out about the benefits of bringing the film industry back to Illinois and securing state legislation to make it far more beneficial for producers who get the benefit of Illinois locations, Illinois talent and significant tax savings.

For the second year in a row, Brenda and the Illinois Film Office, along with Dreihaus Capital Management and Columbia College, is hosting Sweet Home Illinois ( in Los Angeles. Eli’s is proud to be part of the Taste of Chicago in LA with Robinson’s Ribs, Connie’s Pizza, Lou Malanati’s Pizza, Original Rainbow Cone, Billy Goat Tavern, Star of Siam and Tuscany.

What makes this event very exciting for us at Eli’s is that the honorees include Joyce Sloane, Founding Producer of the Second City. Joyce is a Chicago icon who brings so much to the cultural and educational life of Chicago. The honor is so well deserved and we will be delighted to be part of the celebration.



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Eli’s Cheesecake Supports the Illinois Film Office at Sweet Home Chicago in LA.

Illinois is so fortunate to have the dynamic Brenda Sexton as head of the
Illinois Film Office. It is her charge to bring the film industry back to
Illinois and so far she has taken film revenue which fell to $25 million in 2003
to $75 million this year so far. Chicago streets are busy with productions like
the Weatherman and Ocean’s 12.

We help support this initiative by serving up Eli’s Cheesecake at a VIP
industry party. We thank Governor Blagojevich for this nice letter recognizing
our participation.

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When in LA, Don’t Miss Taste Chicago in Burbank

One of the most famous Chicago character actors is Joe Mantegna. Creator of
the famous Chicago icon, “Bleacher Bums,” back in the early 70′s, Mantegna
teamed up with the Organic Theatre Company to write the original ensemble

Mantegna and wife, Arlene, are residents of Tolucan, Califorina and Arlene
had a dream to create a restaurant featuring the best of Chicago. That
restaurant is “Taste Chicago” in Burbank which is described in the article
below. We are honored that Chicago’s best includes Eli’s Cheesecake and that
Taste Chicago has brought smiles to many former Chicagoans and has introduced
Eli’s and other Chicago treats to many residents and stars who frequent Taste

Tolucan Times

It’s the Real Deal! Authentic Chicago Style Food.

By Rachel


If you haven’t heard about Taste Chicago, the local studio crowd’s favorite
new quick-service dining, take-out and catering place, chances are you’ve been
sitting at your desk too long. Owned by Toluca Lake’s most popular couple, actor
Joe Mantegna and his wife Arlene, Taste Chicago has quickly become the place to
go for Chicago’s favorite foods. Be it a quick lunch, dinner on the porch (or to
take home) or platters of foods for 5 to 500, you’ll find everything authentic
and delicious. Managed by their long-time friend, Jo Williams, this delightful
new establishment brings you Italian Beef, Pizza, Ribs, Homemade Meatballs and
Marinara Sauce, Frozen Custard, Eli’s Cheesecakes and recently named by Valley
Magazine, the “Best Chicago Dog in the Valley.” Not bad for a place that’s only
been around since October.

Taste Chicago is located in Burbank at 603 N. Hollywood Way on the corner of
Hollywood Way and Verdugo between Warner Bros. studios and the Burbank Airport.
Open daily from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. and ‘til 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The
phone number is (818) 563-2800.

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