It was 19 years ago in November of 1988 that Marian Burros of the New York Times first included us in her Holiday Mail Order article. Back then perishable foods by mail was a relatively new phenomenon as specialty food companies like ours started to ship our products to customers directly to homes.

We were honored when Marian said about Eli’s and the other recemmended companies that “there are also some discoveries that show promise of becoming standard favorites: a wondrous assortment of cheesecakes from Eli’s Chicago’s Finest Cheesecake; If you call (Eli’s and the other companies in the article) and ask to speak to the owner, the person who answers is likely to say, ”Speaking.’”

Since that article appeared, there has been a tremendous shift in how people feel about ordering specialty foods and everything else with the convenience of the internet. Shopping is now a 24/7 activity via the web and we at Eli’s welcome the opportunity for you to learn more about our heritage, quality and service online and then to place the order by our secure web site or to call us.

One thing that hasn’t changed in 19 years is our commitment to you, the customer. Feel free to call me at 773-308-7019 with your comments or thoughts or write me directly at

We look forward to serving you this holiday seaon.

Best wishes,

Marc Schulman

President, The Eli’s Cheesecake Company-and Eli’s Son

November 28, 2007

The Gift Is in the Mail, and on the Web


TWENTY-FIVE years after writing my first column on sweet, savory and useful mail-order gifts for the holidays — one filled with imported goodies — I’m amazed by how butchers, bakers and candy makers around this country keep coming up with delectable surprises.

The Internet, of course, has made the selection ever more enticing, even if some providers aren’t quite used to using the Web.

Preparations can arrive with inadequate directions or packaging, like the plastic bag of tomato bisque that spilled all over my refrigerator. Some sites won’t allow you to ship anywhere other than the
billing address, taking some of the convenience out of using the Web. Sometimes it took three tries to place an order.

And there is, of course, a lot of food out there that is just not very good.

But I’ve double-checked everything here. Anything I liked was reordered under another name, to ensure that everyone is treated as well as The New York Times. Prices don’t include shipping unless stated, and the latest date to ship for Dec. 24 delivery is noted.

Unless marked, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted.

CHEESECAKE Farmstead oat cheese, mascarpone, a flash of lemon curd and cream cheese make Triple
Fresh Cheese Cake from Eli’s Cheesecake a new take on the genre. Just as unusual is burnt caramel cheesecake flan with a salty touch from the almond crust. Each serves 12, $36;, (800) 999-8300 (Dec. 19). .



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