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“Top 6 Reasons to Invite Eli’s Cheesecake to Your Next Party”—from Michigan Avenue Magazine

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Eli’s Cheesecake Creates 2nd Anniversary Cheesecake for Michigan Avenue Magazine Celebration at the House of Blues Featuring Jennifer Hudson

Eli's Executive Pastry Chef Laurel Boger and House of Blues Executive Chef Bob Capogreco

Eli’s Executive Pastry Chef Laurel Boger with House of Blues Executive Chef Bob Capogreco at the Michigan Avenue Magazine Second Anniversary Celebration at the House of Blues featuring a performance by Jennifer Hudson

DSC_7202-kitchen-group- (Medium)

Eli’s Team (Aurelio, Jose, Laurel, Marc and Maureen) at the House of Blues getting ready to present this Giant Cheesecake to Awarding Winning Actress and Singer Jennifer Hudson.

DSC_7335backstage-cake- (Medium)

Jennifer Hudson on stage at the House of Blues as the very special Eli’s Cheesecake is ready to be presented at the end of her performance.

DSC_7481-cutting-cake- (Medium)

Jennifer Hudson cuts the 2nd Anniversary Eli’s Cheesecake for Michigan Avenue Magazine with Niche Media CEO Jason Binn and Michigan Avenue Magazine Publisher Dan Uslan. The top layer was Eli’s Skinny Cheesecake in honor of Ms. Hudson and was served to the guests immediately thereafter.

Eli's Marc and Maureen Schulman with Jennifer Hudson

Eli’s Maureen and Marc Schulman with Award Winning Actress and Singer Jennifer Hudson

thank you gift (Medium)

At the end of the evening, guests of Michgan Avenue Magazine at the House of Blues received a number of gifts, including an Eli’s Turtle Brownie to take home.

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Taste of Chicago 2010 Ready to Start! 30 Years ago, Eli’s Cheesecake Debuted on Michigan Avenue at the First Taste!

Today, Friday marks the start of the 30th Annual Taste of Chicago. It was on July 4th, 1980 that Eli’s Cheesecake made its public debut at that first Taste of Chicago on Michigan Avenue. As we get ready for the opening at 11am today and for our Big 30th Birthday Celebration Saturday, June 26th at 1pm at Buckingham Fountain, we thank our People, our Fans and the City of Chicago for the great support in making Eli’s Cheesecake the #1 Dessert at Taste of Chicago and a Chicago Dessert Icon!

Taste of Chicago 2010

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Michigan Avenue Magazine highlights Eli’s NEW Banana Chocolate Cheesecake made exclusively for Banana Shpeel

mich avenue ad_Page_1mich avenue ad_Page_2“The Eli’s Cheesecake Company’s new a-peel-ing dessert,” made for the new Cirque du Soleil production, Banana Shpeel, was recently featured in Michigan Avenue Magazine.  The show runs through January 3rd in Chicago, and Eli’s Banana Chocolate Cheesecake is the official cheesecake of the show. The Michigan Avenue Magazine describes this dessert as, “banana cheesecake (natrually) swirled with caramelly bananas foster and topped with belgian chocolate and a dusting of cocoa.” These cheesecakes, along with many other delectable holiday desserts, can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.!

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Celebarating 18 years of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago

Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Ad

Under the leadership of Bob Dion, the marketing firm of Davis Harrison Dion created a great visual marketing campaign for the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. This campaign was in print, online, on banners and bus shelters.

Copy of Jennifer ellen2 (Medium)

The success of the Magnificent Mile Lights Fests is due to the close working relationship between the volunteer and staff of the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association. This year the partnership of Chairperson, Jennifer Woolford, of the Merchandise Mart, and Ellen Farrar, of the Association made this the “Best Lights Festival ever.”

Lights Festival Group 2010 (Medium)

This was the 18th year of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival and 50 years that trees have been lit on Michigan Avenue. This long term success is due to the Legacy of Leaders–of the Lights Festival, the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association and our government partners.

Copy of LightsFestivalSat45 (Medium)

John Chikow, past Lights Festival Chairman and now President and CEO of the GNMAA, with Peter Simoncelli, the Association Chairman.

Versen Curran (Medium)

John Curran, past Lights Festival Chairman, with Don Versen, a past Association Chairman

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse was the Grand Marshall for the Lights Festival for the 15th Year bring Disney Magic to the Magnificent Mile.

Harris Balloon (Medium)

Harris Hometown Team (Medium)

LightsFestivalSat48 (Medium)

Eli’s and Lights Festival Founding Chairman Marc Schulman, Disney’s Steve Secor who produces Disney’s role in the Procession, Lights Festival Chairman Jennifer Woolford and Harry Caray’s and past Lights Festival Chairman Grant Deporter celebrate a most successful 18th Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

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Mickey Mouse Comes to Chicago to Get the Lights on North Michigan Avenue Ready for the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

Come next Saturday evening at 5:30pm, one of Chicago’s great holiday traditions will magically take place on Michigan Avenue as Mickey Mouse leads the 18th Annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival now presented by Harris; two days of activities on the Magnificent Mile that welcome the holiday season with shopping, dining and entertainment.

The  Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is a very important event at Eli’s as our President, Marc Schulman, was the Founding Chairman of the Lights Festival.  As then Secretary of the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, Marc, with other volunteers and staff saw the potential to create an event on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to “light the lights” of the Magnificent Mile.

A special tradition of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is a early visit to Chicago by Mickey Mouse to make sure that the lights are in place and ready to go on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Mickey Marc (Large)

Eli’s Cheesecake President and Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Chairman Marc Schulman joins Mickey Mouse for an early morning testing of the lights on the Magnificent Mile.

Ellen and Mickey (Large)

The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is sponsored by the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, a group of over 700 businesses and institutions that enhance, protect and  promote the Magnificent Mile. GNMAA Vice President of Communications, Ellen Farrar, is the Author of Arcadia Publishing’s “The Magnificent Mile” which details the history of the Magnificent Mile, the 50 years of lighting the Avenue and the history of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival.

mickey jennifer john c (Large)

Mickey Mouse is welcome to Chicago by Jennifer Woolford, of the Merchandise Mart, and the Chair of the 2009 Magnificent Mile Lights Festival and John Chikow, a Lights Festival Chairman and now CEO of the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association.

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Mayor Daley Hails the Chiefs–”Presidents, Past and Present” in the February issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine

Mayor Daley Hails the Chiefs–”Presidents, Past and Present” in the February issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine–”the most important President’s Day in our city’s history”

In the February issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine, Mayor Daley shares his thoughts on “Presidents, Past and Present.”

This is most fitting in a week when we at Eli’s prepare for our trip on Thursday to Springfield to present the Birthday Cakes that we have created for the two birthday celebrations for Lincoln; the 1860’s Period Ball at the Abraham Lincoln Museum and the Gala that will feature the attendance of our 44th President.

In Mayor Daley’s piece, he notes that this is the “most important President’s Day in our city’s history” because of Obama being the first Chicagoan to serve as President.

Mayor Daley continues that Lincoln said “a man should be proud of the city in which he lives, and that he should so live that his city will be proud that he lives in it.”

How wonderful that Eli’s Cheesecake, a family business of Chicagoans, can bring these Great Cakes to Springfield to honor our 16th President in the presence of our fellow Chicagoan, and 44th President, Barack Obama.

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Eli’s Fortunate to be active in two Chicago neighborhoods: Michigan Avenue/Streeterville on the near north side and the Wright Campus on the northwest side

We are very fortunate to be active in a number of civic organizations in
Chicago. What is particularly nice is that we call two neighborhoods home. Our
bakery is located on the northwest side in the Wright Campus community, which is
west of Portage Park and Six Corners. We are fortunate to partner with Wright
College on many community initiatives, including our Festival, Farmers Market
and Training. We are proud to have been part of this neighborhood since 1984 and
we are happy to be a proponent of how great it is to work, shop and live in the
Wright Community.

Since 1962, Eli’s has been active on North Michigan Avenue, first with Eli’s
Stage Delicatessen and now Eli’s the Place for Steak, just east of the the
historic Water Tower. I have been fortunate to continue my dad’s passion for
improving the community serving as President of the Greater North Michigan
Avenue Association and as founder of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, which
is now the biggest one day celebration in Chicago other than the 3rd of July

In August, I was very honored when our resident organization for the Michigan
Avenue Neighborhood, the Streeterville Organization of Active Resident (SOAR)
presented me with the first SOAR Spirit Award. I have shared below the remarks
by its President, Rosalie Harris, who was most kind. To me, the exciting part is
that business people and entrepreneurs can make a difference in their
communities and I am honored that we can continue to play a role in the Michigan
Avenue neighborhood and at the Wright Campus


Remarks by Rosalie Harris

Streeterville Organization of Active

August 26, 2004


For a number of years, and under a couple of names, the Board has had the
SOAR Spirit Award on the books. This award recognizes a noteworthy improvement
or service for Streeterville community residents and the person or institution
acting as the catalyst or director of this activity. The recipient is thought of
as going “above and beyond the call of duty,” rather than a regular part of

The recipient need not be a resident of Streeterville. However, I am so
pleased that the very first recipient is a resident, a SOAR member, and
the “glue”—or should I say, the “cheesecake”—that holds many of Streeterville’s
various and complex interests together.

It’s difficult to describe Marc Schulman without making him sound like a Boy
Scout, because in his deeds, his words, and in his past honors, he is everything
that represents what is good and generous in life.

You all know what Marc does for a living. As President of The Eli’s
Cheesecake Company he is a brilliant business leader. He makes a wonderful
product and is a marketer par excellence. Perhaps less well known is his
commitment to empowering Eli’s people through educational opportunities. He
worked with Wright College to create “Eli’s U,” an on-site GED classroom that
attracted a visit from President Bill Clinton. Entrepreneurial and education
driven to the bone, Marc persuaded his alma mater—and our neighbor—Northwestern
Law School, to establish a clinic devoted to startup business and
entrepreneurial law.

Close to home, Marc is a past President of the Greater North Michigan Avenue
Association and was the founding chairman of the Magnificent Mile Lights
Festival. He and I have hopes that residents will more fully participate in this
premier holiday festival in the future, by the way.

Marc is a member of the Board of Directors of Northwestern Memorial Hospital
and the Northwestern University Associates Board.

With support from SOAR and other groups, Marc spearheaded the campaign to
create the Eli M. Schulman Playground in memory of his father and to reconstruct
Seneca Park. In less than a year, he raised $350,000, competed the construction,

and raised enough funds to install Deborah Butterfield’s beloved “Ben” in the
Park. For his work, he received a Park Stewardship Award from Friends of the
Parks, as well as a City Brightener Award from Bright New City Foundation.

He is a former Board member of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and
a vice-president and director of the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois.
Although his reputation preceded him, I first met Marc when he led a Halloween
tour of Graceland Cemetery, as a docent for the Chicago Architectural
Foundation. The tour and the pumpkin muffins were great.

For many years, Marc has co-sponsored SOAR’s Beautification Awards, which
will be presented next Wednesday at our annual meeting.

He has never said no to donations of Eli’s products. SOAR, as well as Help
Ease Local Poverty, Lawson House YMCA, New Freedom Foundation, Chicago Food
Depository, Northwestern Memorial Foundation, Gallery 37, Preservation Chicago
and the annual Streeterville Doggie Halloween Party have been recipients of his

We recently had the opportunity to give a gift that said “Streeterville,” and
we could think of nothing more appropriate than Eli’s Cheesecake.

And when the Board had the opportunity to bestow the SOAR Spirit Award, we
could think of no one more appropriate than Marc Schulman! Marc, please come up
to receive your award.


Marc, we have an extra-added surprise for you, from SOAR and SOAR’s resident
artist, June Allen. June, please stand up. We are honored to have a wonderful
Allen collection in our office, including a watercolor of Seneca Park. June
actually produced two scenes from the Park, and we all decided that one had
“your name on it,” Marc.

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