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Mickey Mouse Comes to Chicago to Get the Lights on North Michigan Avenue Ready for the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

Come next Saturday evening at 5:30pm, one of Chicago’s great holiday traditions will magically take place on Michigan Avenue as Mickey Mouse leads the 18th Annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival now presented by Harris; two days of activities on the Magnificent Mile that welcome the holiday season with shopping, dining and entertainment.

The  Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is a very important event at Eli’s as our President, Marc Schulman, was the Founding Chairman of the Lights Festival.  As then Secretary of the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, Marc, with other volunteers and staff saw the potential to create an event on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to “light the lights” of the Magnificent Mile.

A special tradition of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is a early visit to Chicago by Mickey Mouse to make sure that the lights are in place and ready to go on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Mickey Marc (Large)

Eli’s Cheesecake President and Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Chairman Marc Schulman joins Mickey Mouse for an early morning testing of the lights on the Magnificent Mile.

Ellen and Mickey (Large)

The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is sponsored by the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, a group of over 700 businesses and institutions that enhance, protect and  promote the Magnificent Mile. GNMAA Vice President of Communications, Ellen Farrar, is the Author of Arcadia Publishing’s “The Magnificent Mile” which details the history of the Magnificent Mile, the 50 years of lighting the Avenue and the history of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival.

mickey jennifer john c (Large)

Mickey Mouse is welcome to Chicago by Jennifer Woolford, of the Merchandise Mart, and the Chair of the 2009 Magnificent Mile Lights Festival and John Chikow, a Lights Festival Chairman and now CEO of the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association.

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Come to Chicago for a Preview the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival










2007 marks the 14th year that Mickey and Minnie came to Chicago
to lights the millions of lights on the Magnificent Mile. Here Mickey and Minnie
test the lights in Water Tower Park. It was at the Water Tower in 1958 that this
holiday tradition first started. The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is on
Saturday, November 17th.








The Happiness Club join Mickey and Minnie for a photo after performing several holiday carols that will be part of the World’s Largest Holiday Carol at the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival







Fox 32 Anchor Tammie Souza joins the Happiness Club in decorating slices of Eli’s Cheesecake. This is a preview of the complimentary Eli’s Cheesecake decorating at Lights Festival Lane.







Eli’s Maureen Schulman is interviewed by WLS Radio about Eli’s plans for the Lights Festival.









Eli’s Brian Cravens and Marc Schulman join Greater North Michigan Avenue Association President John Maxson and Mickey Mouse at the Lights
Festival Preview. Marc Schulman was the Founding Chairman of the Lights Festival in 1992.







Eli’s Maureen, Marc and Elana Schulman welcome Mickey and Minnie back to Chicago.







Eli’s Brian Cravens thanks Mickey and Minnie for all their hard work at the Lights Festival Preview.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Celebrates Mickey Mouse’s arrival in Chicago for the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival with a party for the children at LaRabida Children’s Hospital

For the 11th year, Mickey Mouse will magically light Michigan Avenue this Saturday at 6pm as leads the procession for the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. This is a special weekend for Mickey Mouse as he will celebrate his 77th birthday this Friday, November 17th.

To welcome Mickey to Chicago, we hosted a very special party for the children and staff of La Rabida Children’s Hospital, which is located in a historic structure at Jackson Park and Lake Michigan. For over 100 years, La Rabida has provided family centered health care dealing with the important health care issues of the time, which now include chronic illness, disabilities or abuse.

To make the party complete, we were joined by Grape Jam, the highest chorus of the Francis W. Parker School, which serenaded Mickey with “When you wish upon a Star” and Happy Birthday.” It was festive day for all.


Mickey arrived at La Rabida to cheers and applause by staff and children.

Eli’s Maureen Schulman welcomes Mickey to the party.

Mickey poses with Grape Jam, the advanced choral ensemble of Francis W. Parker School.

Eli’s was well represented at the event by Pastry Chefs Tonya and Laurel, as well as special helpers, Nate, Mary, Sharon, Debbie and Laura. Also special thanks to Mark Bouchard for getting our cake to La Rabida on time.

Mickey brought great joy to the very small and to the adults who care for them at La Rabida,

Eli’s,Marc Schulman and La Rabida President and CEO, Paula Jaudes, thank Mickey for his visit to the children at La Rabida.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Welcomes Mickey Mouse and Pluto to the Magnificent Mile

One of our favorite days of the year at Eli’s Cheesecake is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This year, Saturday, November 19th, marks the 14th Anniversary of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, an event that Marc Schulman served as Founding Chairman. It is a great day of celebration on Michigan Avenue and a day that brings a wonderful procession to Michigan Avenue to light the lights. For over 10 years, we have been honored to have Mickey Mouse lead the Procession and he joined us on Michigan Avenue for a testing of the lights and to sample a birthday cheesecake that Eli’s prepared for him to enjoy next week when he is in town for the Lights Festival.

Mickey and Pluto admire the very special cheesecake created by Eli’s for the event.

Eli’s work of art was created by Eli’s Pastry Chefs Laurel Boger and Tonya Deiotte.

The Eli’s team is out on Michigan Avenue before dawn to test the lights. Special thanks to Marc Bouchard for being at Eli’s before 4am to make sure the cake was on time.

Chicago’s Finest Cheesecake for Chicago’s Finest. Our local police enjoy Eli’s on their Segways.

Pluto and Mickey have become very good friends over the years with Eli’s Maureen and Elana Schulman. Mickey’s appearance at the Lights Festival has become a family tradition for over one million people the Saturday before Thanksgiving, who line Michigan Avenue and enjoy its shops, restaurants and hotels. There is entertainment all day on Michigan Avenue on Lights Festival Saturday; this year don’t miss decorating a complimentary slice of Eli’s Cheesecake at the Eli’s Tent at the Winter Walk (near the Tribune Tower).

Eli’s and Lights Festival Founding Chairman, Marc Schulman, tests the lights at Water Tower Park with his friends, Pluto and Mickey Mouse

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Eli’s Hosts a 76th Birthday Party for Mickey Mouse at Children’s Memorial Hospital

In celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 76th birthday, Eli’s Cheesecake created a
300 lb. birthday cheesecake that was enjoyed by over 2,500 kids and their
parents at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital. Our thanks to Eli’s Chef
Martha for creating this great treat.

Mickey Mouse was in town to lead the lighting of Michigan Avenue as part of
the 13th Annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. This was the second year in a
row that Eli’s and Mickey Mouse have teamed up to bring some Eli’s and and
Disney Magic to the very special people at Children’s Memorial. We know that
some people can’t make it down to Michigan Avenue for the procession so it is
great to have Mickey come to them.

To enhance the party, Grape Jam, Francis W. Parker High School’s advanced
chorale ensemble, sang “Happy Birthday” and “When you Wish Upon a star.”


Our thanks to the team at Eli’s who created and served the cake and to the
dedicated staff at Children’s.

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Eli’s Welcomes Mickey Mouse and Stich

Eli’s welcomed Mickey Mouse and Stich to the Magnificent Mile for a preview
of the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, which is coming up on Saturday,
November 20th.

Eli’s Chef Martha Komoll teaches Stich how to decorate the cheesecake.

Eli’s “Big Cheese” welcomes Lilo and Stich to Chicago



The 500 lb. cheesecake is peppermint flavor and has a Disney holiday design.
This Cheeesecake will be on display at the Winter Walk during the day on
November 20th with free mini-cheesecake samples for children and cake

Eli’s has also created the Lights Festival Limited Edition 2004 Cheesecake.
It’s a rich and creamy white chocolate peppermeint cheesecake, bursting with
crushed red peppermint candy, topped with white chocolate ganache, a chocolate
candy caneand “nonpareil lights”..baked on a thick slabe of fudgy brownie. You
can order that right at our webs site.

Bringing a giant cheesecake to Michigan Avenue at 5am takes a great team—at
Michigan Avenue and back at the bakery.

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