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Chicago Moms Blog Visits the Eli’s Cheesecake/Wright College Farmers Market; “Chicago’s Sweetest Farmers Market”

One of our great Eli’s fans is Kim Moldofksy, one of the collaborative group of moms who write the Chicago Moms Blog. Kim’s writing can also be found at Scrambled CAKE and Hormone-colored Days.

We were honored to be visited by Kim who proclaimed our Farmers Market to be “Chicago’s Sweetest” at the Chicago Moms Blog. Check it out at


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Eli’s Cheesecake World; life is uncertain; eat dessert first!

Kim Moldofsky writes a blog on parenting, education and stay at home moms returning to the world of paid work. Her blog can be found at

We thank Kim and her children for visiting us and for the seven fork review!!


August 23, 2006

Eli’s Cheesecake World: life is uncertain; eat dessert first

Eli’s Cheesecake World
6701 W Forest Preserve Drive (Harlem and Montrose), Chicago (just down the block from the pyramid-shaped building at Wright College)
Specialty sandwiches ($6) in cafe from 11:00 – 2:00Tours daily $3 for adults, $2 for children over age 5; price includes a piece of cheesecake!
Farmer’s market Thursday mornings in summer

What can we say about this little slice of heaven on Chicago’s northwest side? It’s not only the world headquarters and bakery for Eli’s Cheesecake, they’ve also got a cafe and store. The boys and I showed up wearing our proverbial critic hats, but later traded them in for hairnets in order to go on the factory tour. We arrived too late for the made-to-order artisan sandwiches like chicken salad with grapes and
pecans, but grabbed a decent ready-made Caesar salad to tide us over until dessert. Dessert. Dessert.

I mean, you could come here for a cup of coffee and free wi-fi or to grab a gourmet grilled cheese, but you’d have to be a fool, or possibly a diabetic, to show up at Eli’s and not eat dessert. Their cases are overflowing with delicious looking desserts- and not just cheesecake. They’ve got eclairs, tarts…I asked my boys to write down the names of one or two of the most delicious-looking items, but they told me that was impossible to choose.

Here’s what the world’s most ticklish restaurant critics and their friends had to say aboutEli’s Cheesecake World. (Please note that all exclamation points appear at the request of the boys.)

Eli’s is fun! Their cafe is good. They have desserts, sandwiches and salads. They sell cheesecakes, little cakes, lemon meringue tarts and everything looks yummy.

Six year-old Splinter says: Out of three thumbs down, I give it seven forks! (I’ve previously mentioned that we don’t yet have a uniform rating system. What he means is that Eli’s is more than twice the opposite of bad… in others words- great!)

The tours are cool and fun! And everything smells delicious. Really delicious. A tour guide shows you almost the whole place, but only staying on the path. Sometimes you go into a big freezer (we did this on a previous tour, but not today). The freezer room is for freezing the cheesecakes before they decorate them. The decorating room is cold, but not as cold as the freezer.

The room where they bake the cheesecakes is really hot–over 100 degrees F in the summer. The cheesecakes go on a cool conveyor belt. It is so cool to see them pour the batter and watch the cheesecakes go on the belt. It takes the cheesecake though the 70 foot-long tunnel oven and then up a big corkscrew cooling tower with about 19 curves. Then people take them off pans and put them on racks. Then they go to the freezer room and then the decorating room.

In the decorating room we saw them making Chocolate-covered Lava
Cake for Wal Mart.

This is a cool tour! But if your brothers or sisters are under five years-old, they have to stay home with a sitter.

They make over 100 kinds of cheesecake if you can believe it!

This tour is definitely recommended for kids!

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