We are delighted to have many interesting groups visit Eli’s each day. We are
particulary excited to have school groups visit us who are looking at the food
industry for career opportunities and entrepreneurial opportunities. For that
reason, we were delighted to host a group for 15 high school students and recent
graduates who visited us at part of NFTE’s BizCamp. For a week, these students
are meeting with leading entrepreneurs and getting guidance on how to make their
business plans better. It was great fun for Jeff Anderson, Colin Kenney and
myself of Eli’s to meet with the student entrepreneurs and to learn more about
their business plans in fashion retailing, gift baskets and computer games to
name a few.The students finished the day by decorating cheesecakes to take

NFTE is a partner with a number of Chicago Public Schools and this year is
expanding to the Chicago High School for Agricultural Science. If you or a
member of your family is fortunate to be enrolled in a school with a NFTE
program, take advantage of it.

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