At Eli’s, we remember the celebration of Halloween always was on the last day of our fiscal year–counting cheesecakes is now what you want to be doing on Halloween night. Thanks to adopting a fiscal calendar that is based on the week, we now have more time to plan fun activities for our people. Today we had our Annual Eli’s Pumpkin Carving Contest. Our congratulations to all contestants, who all received a complimentary lunch at the Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe.

Congratulations to our winning entries: Lucy–”Most Creative & Original;” Precious–”Funniest Pumpkin” and Lenny–”Best Overall Pumpkin.”

DSCN8209 (Medium)

DSCN8210 (Medium)

DSCN8206 (Medium)

DSCN8204 (Medium)

DSCN8203 (Medium)

DSCN8207 (Medium)

DSCN8208 (Medium)

DSCN8211 (Medium)

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