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Eli’s Cheesecake Dippers Featured in the January/February 2012 issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray



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Tour of Eli’s Cheesecake World featured on The Rachel Ray Show

Take a Vacation With out Leaving Home

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Stacey Ballis, Chicago author and life style contributor to The Rachel Ray Show helps a family vacation in their hometown.
Stacey turns their house into a hotel and takes the family for a tour and cheesecake decorating extravaganza at Eli’s Cheesecake World and some other fun Chicago haunts.

Stacey’s tips for a family vacation in their hometown include:

• Give your home that “hotel” feel. Move your children’s mattresses to another room (such as a rec room or finished basement) to give them their own “suite.” Put candy on their pillows and set up a kids mini-bar with juice, soft drinks, cookies or chips!

• Make the atmosphere of your home kitchen more like a restaurant. Create menus, buy restaurant-style condiment bottles or serve dinner in colorful food baskets.

• Turn your regular local hangout spots into mini-vacation destinations. Some local eateries will give behind-the-scenes tours of their business, which can be fun and educational for your kids.

• Parents can get in the act and treat themselves with a beside gift basket filled with a bottle of champagne, some chocolate and a few snacks — the perfect way to unwind after a mini-vacation around town with the kids!


Maureen and Marc Schulman greet Rachel Ray on a recent visit to Chicago to promote one of her books

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Rachel Ray Visits Chicago and Gets to Experience Eli’s Cheesecake

When you saw the lines for Rachel Ray’s appearances in Chicago this past week for her new cook book: “Rachel Ray 365: No Repeats,” there was no doubt that this book was the blockbuster cooking title of the season and that Rachel Ray is one of the top celebrity chefs in the country today. Right now, of the 20 top books on the top seller list, seven are by Rachel Ray.

We are very excited that Rachel has a new talk show debuting in the Fall of 2006 that is being produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions.

We look forward to Rachel being a frequent visitor to Chicago and a long term friend and fan of Eli’s Cheesecake.

Maureen and Marc Schulman with Rachel Ray.

Rachel Ray 365: No Repeats was sold out in book stores throughout Chicago last weekend.

Congrats to Joe Ahern and his team at CBS2 Chicago on landing Rachel Ray’s new talk show.

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