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Eli’s Cheesecake Festival Main Stage Rocks on Saturday with the Happiness Club, Radio Disney, Raposo and Ashley Garland

As the Eli’s Cheesecake Festival has grown, our partnership with Radio Disney has allowed us to bring very exciting talent to the Festival. Radio Disney Day this year was Saturday, September 16th and our US Cellular Main Stage was packed with fans of some of the best young talent in the entertainment industry.







This year’s Eli’s Cheesecake Festival marked Greg Raposo’s third visit to Eli’s Cheesecake World. He visited first as part of the Radio Disney Jingle Jam Tour when Eli’s hosted the Ultimate Meet & Greet with Greg, Jesse McCartney and Stevie Brock. Then Greg returned as a solo performer for the 2004 Eli’s Cheesecake Festival. This year Greg came with his band “Raposo”.







Eli’s Cheesecake and Wright College are major sponsors of the Happiness Club, a group of forty children and young adults who use music and dance as a way to reach their peers with a positive message through the power of







Eli’s Cheesecake was a supporter of Radio Disney from its first day on the air in Chicago. We appreciate the support support of now Regional Manager, Karyn Esken, newly appointed Station Manager, Dave Pawelek, and our
host for the day, Patti Kan, the Cosmic DJ.









Thanks to Greg and his band.










Ashley Garland is one of the most dynamic young performers in the business. With a background in musical theatre, Ashley is a talented dancer and singer. We were delighted to have here join us again at the Eli’s Cheesecake

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Greg Raposo To Appear at the 10th Annual Eli’s Cheesecake Festival

All of us at Eli’s Cheesecake are proud of our long partnership with Radio Disney and its now Regional Director, Karyn Eskyn. Radio Disney has had a presence at each of our annual Eli’s Cheesecake Festival’s and works with us throughout the year.

In November of 2003, we were delighted to partner with Radio Disney to host the Ultimate Meet N’ Greet at Eli’s Cheesecake World in
connection with the Jingle Jam Tour. Visiting our bakery for breakfast, a meet n’ greet and cake decorating with only 100 guests was performing artists Greg Raposo, Jesse McCartney and Stevie Brock.

Greg had such a great time that he returned to headline the Radio Disney Day on the Eli’s Main Stage at the Eli’s Cheesecake Festival in
2004. Last year, Radio Disney brough in Jump 5 for another top performance.

By popular demand, on Saturday, September 16th, Radio Disney will again feature a performance by Greg Raposo on the U.S. Cellular Main Stage at the Eli’s Cheesecake Festival. We look forward to you joining us on this day.


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Radio Disney Brings Jump5 to the Eli’s Cheesecake Festival

One of our longest time partners for the Eli’s Cheesecake Festival is Radio Disney. Each year, Radio Disney has partnered with us to bring great entertainment to Eli’s including Greg Raposo, Stevie Brock and Jessie McCartney.

This year Radio DIsney is bringing Jump5 to the Eli’s Cheesecake Festival on Sunday, September 18th.

We are delighted to welcome this high energy group with such a great message to the Eli’s Cheesecake Festival.

Jump5 Biography

Teenage icons are regular fixtures not only at the mall, but all over the airwaves and on both the big and small screens. They sing, they act and even write their own music or, in some cases, own their own companies. Teen People calls them “teen titans,” but you might know them as “generation next.”

Smack in the midst of it all is the energetic power-pop phenomenon Jump5.

In a mere five years since their official formation Jump5 —Brandon, Brittany, Chris and Lesley — has been building considerable momentum. These energetic teens choose to give ’tweens and teenagers what they want without sacrificing what they need — healthy, positive messages about being true to yourself, respecting and accepting others, and enjoying all life has to offer.

Jump5 – well-known as a magnetic, energetic foursome – knows how to do one thing extremely well; connect with their hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. And kids aren’t the only ones who appreciate Jump5’s inspirational messages, proving without question that this is music for the whole family. “It’s been awesome to watch them grow as singers, musicians, and performers through the years,” producer Mark Hammond says. “But much more profound has been watching them grow personally. Now more than ever I see a tremendous desire within each one of them not just to make great music, but to use the gifts and opportunities they’ve been given to make a positive difference in the lives of the kids that look up to them.”

Sherri Huitt, mother of a 14 year-old daughter, agrees. “Role models are so important, and so is the message they send — because kids want to be like them, no matter who it is, they want to be like them.” With Jump5, she adds, the message and model underscores the positive values she’s been teaching her kids at home.

Lesley, Chris, Brittany and Brandon are growing Christians, working diligently in the mainstream, and welcomed in churches and major venues alike. They have created a universally understood ‘just for us’ genre that kids can’t get enough of. That welcoming embrace has allowed Jump5 to perform in front of millions, with appearances on Nickelodeon, ABC Christmas Morning with Regis and Kelly three years in a row, two walk-ons on CBS Early Show, performances on Crystal Cathedral, PTL and the Disney Channel. The four athletic performers tour extensively, having headlined or co-headlined a total of five tours. Four Jump5 songs have landed on major motion pictures (The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Sleepover, Ella Enchanted, Brother Bear), which would thrill any teenager, but Chris, Brittany, Lesley and Brandon are most honored by their performance for President George W. Bush at The White House.

“We love this life, and we wouldn’t want to miss these opportunities we’re having right now,” Brandon says. “We’re just having fun with it. We think it’s a blast! We wouldn’t change anything.” – Courtesy of EMI

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