The weather for the past week in Chicago has been fantastic. From Friday to
Friday, no rain, no humidity and lots of sun. On Saturday, July 3rd, it seemed
the weather gods had focused their fury on Chicago with a storm front that
seemed to cover several states:

At Wrigley Field, the game was called after 5 1/2 innings and four rain
delays. Down at Taste, we were worried if the crowds would come and if the
fireworks would go on as scheduled. Well, Eli’s Cheesecake fans never take rain
delays; it did rain several times but the people coninued to buy, and about 8pm,
it turned just beautiful in Grant Park so the program of the evening went on as
scheduled. Our thanks to our fans for coming out in the rain:

rain or shine!

Taste has more day ending for 2004 at 9:30pm tonight. Then we can go to work
on the 25th.

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