Jamie and Bobby Deen included Eli’s Cheesecake in their recent visit to Chicago for “Road Tested, their new Food Network Show.

“Road Tested” takes advantage of the growing trend in culinary tourism. The Deens are crisscrossing the nation to find the best craft food producers that are also available to order online after watching the show.

The Deen brothers are the sons of Food Network star, Paula Deen. Paula’s food empire started on the family’s last $200. She made sandwiches, and the boys delivered them. In those days, young Jamie was just finishing up junior college, and brother Bobby was
finishing high school. Neither went to culinary or business school. Eventually, Paula took charge of two restaurants-The Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, as well as being the writer of a handful of cookbooks, and most importantly, star of “Paula’s Home Cooking” in which her two sons make frequent appearances.

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