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Roz Varon of ABC 7 Chicago Previews the 12th Annual Eli’s Cheesecake Festival

Students from Smyser Elementary compete in a
preview of the the Eli’s Cheesecake Eating Contest–scheduled for 3:30 both
Saturday and Sunday.



Roz Varon thanks Eli’s Associates, Eli’s Big Slice and students
from Smyser Elementary for coming out early on Friday morning to preview the
12th Annual Eli’s Cheesecake Festival.

Eli’s Maureen Schulman shares the family activities of the Eli’s
Cheesecake Festival with Roz Varon. Activities include cheesecake eating,
cheesecake games and hula hooping with an Eli’s Dipper.

Eli’s Executive Pastry Chef Laurel Boger shares a recipe for an
individual Apple Pancake with Roz.

Roz thanks students from our local elementary school, Smyser
Elementary School, for coming out so early to be a part of the ABC 7 News This

Eli’s has a team of over 200 associates and
volunteers working to make the 12th Annual Eli’s Cheesecake Festival a great
success.This was our early morning team that was ready at 4:30am to welcome Roz
and her crew.

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Roz Varon and the ABC7 Chicago Morning Show Visit the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences

Over 200 students, faculty and staff of the Chicago High School of Agricultural Sciences had a sleep-over at the school on Thursday, October 6th so they could welcome Roz Varon and the ABC7 Chicago Morning Show to CHSAS at 5am on Friday. ABC7 has a new segment called “School Days” and it was an honor for CHSAS to be only the second school visited.

Over the two hours of the show, Roz was able to highlight the unique agricultural programs of the school, from horticulture to animal science and FFA Chapter, and also its sports teams, cheer leaders and active student body.

CHSAS was among the first urban agriculture high school in the country and it is great to highlight its accomplishments over the first 20 years of its history.

Roz had a great audience as students spent the night at CHSAS so they were ready for the 5am broadcast.

Roz received a floral display created by Brittany Kee just in time for her birthday.

Roz Varon is thanked for her support of CHSAS by Lucille Shaw, Master Ag Teacher, and Principal Dave Gilligan

School Days: Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences



ABC7′s Roz Varon and the Morning show visited the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences at the AG School. The AG School was the first urban, college prep agricultural high school in the nation. The magnet school attracts students from across the city. The AG School opened in 1985 with a freshman class of 110 students. The school is located on the “Last Farm in Chicago” (the Farm in the Zoo in Lincoln Park Zoo is not a “working” farm).

The history of the AG School actually began in 1852 when the Chicago Board of Education purchased this farmland for just 50 cents an acre. This was before this area was a part of Chicago.

Dutch settlers leased this farmland from the Chicago Board of Education, and the same family farmed the land since 1963, remaining for a few years after the school opened in 1985.

The railroad came in 1873 and Mount Greenwood cemetery was established in 1879. More local cemeteries were established in the early 1900′s, and busses, pulled by white horses, would transport the mourners to local cemeteries. Stores, restaurants, and saloons opened up to cater to the funeral goers. The village grew, and the Mount Greenwood community was annexed onto the City of Chicago In 1927.

Chicago AG is the only school in Chicago with a veterinarian on staff. Daisy the calf was born last year, the first calf born in Chicago in 50 years. Cotton, the baby lamb, was born last week. The school barn is home to a variety of animals, including cows, pigs, sheep, and a horse.

Corey Flournoy, a 1992 graduate of CHSAS, was the first African American elected to the presidency of the National FFA Organization, the largest student leadership organization in the world, with membership of 450,000.

The AG School was the first urban, college prep agricultural high school in the nation. The school has been visited by board members and dignitaries from every state, and many countries, which look to establish a secondary agricultural program. While many schools offer agricultural courses, in this school every student majors in agriculture.

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