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The Eli’s Cheesecake is proud to participate in Small Business Saturday presented by American Express.

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Small is BIG!

R.S.V.P that you’ll shop small on Small Business Saturday! American Express is giving registered Card members a $25 statement credit when they shop at small businesses on Small Business Saturday.

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“Lessons from My Father” by Rance Crain in Crain’s Chicago Business and Marc Schulman’s letter to the editor in response

In my most recent Blog posting, I shared the article from the
Herzl LIGHT in 1948 on Eli’s sign “if you have no money, you we will feed you
free.” On the same date that I wrote the Blog posting, I sent an e-mail to Rance
Crain, the Editor In Chief, of Crain’s Chicago Business in response to his
article below on “Lessons from My Father–Starting Out in a Downturn Requires
Nerve–Plus Plenty of Optimism.” Both Mr. Crain and my dad started in the
Depresssion and had the vision and courage to overcome adversity and to achieve
long term success.

I was delighted when the Editor called from Crain’s and told me
that that would run my e-mail in this week’s issue as a Letter to the Editor. It
appears below and it is a message that I am delighted to share as we look for
direction and counsel in these challenging times.


From this week’s

Letters to the editor

November 17, 2008
A dad’s

Rance Crain’s column “Lessons from my father” (Focus,
Nov. 10) was most inspirational. I shared it with all 200 of our people at

You don’t hear words like “optimism, enthusiasm and
determination” enough right now. My dad, Eli Schulman, passed away in 1988 at
the age of 78. In reading your column, I thought of all the lessons that he gave
me in how to approach the public and how to overcome adversity.

Eli opened his first restaurant in 1940 and put a sign in the
window that read, “If you have no money, we will feed you free.” He remembered what it was like to be hungry and without money.

We were very fortunate to have fathers who understood and
overcame the Depression. Too many parents and children today have only
experienced prosperity and don’t have the benefit of that ability to deal with
adverse conditions.

Thank you, Mr. Crain, for your continued focus on your business
and people. I was at Crain’s 40 Under 40 reception recently and spoke
with several staff members who spoke of how good it was to have family ownership
that had a long-term perspective to the business as opposed to many of the
failed media deals of the last decade.

Marc S. Schulman
President, Eli’s Cheesecake

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