It was our pleasure to host Robert Rohrer, the Manager of the Cook County Farm Bureau and the leadership of the Board to discuss ways to
promote agricultural education and the food industry in Cook County.

Visiting Eli’s with Bob Rohrer was Jim Brandau, the President of the Cook County Farm Bureau and Board members Larry Paarlberg, Jim Gutzmer and Dan Biernacki.

In the past school year, the Agriculture in the Classroom Program for the CCFB in Cook County reached over 21,800 students through over
900 class room presentations to 4th grade classes. This “in school field trip” gives the students an introduction to agriculture and the important role that the food supply chain plays in their lives.

In the prior week, we were visited by Summer Agricultural Institute sponsored for teachers in Cook County by the Cook County Farm Bureau.
These teachers working with Haley Loy and Gail Pettersdorf from the CCFB visited Eli’s as part of a week in-depth introduction to the food and agricultural industry in Cook County.

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