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Zwecker Announces in the Sun Times that “Band from TV” will be Celebrity Cheesecake Cutters for the 30th Birthday of Eli’s Cheesecake and the Taste of Chicago–Saturday, June 26th at 1pm at Buckingham Fountain

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To celebrate the joint 30th birthday for Eli’s Cheesecake and Taste of Chicago, the popular local bakery is hosting a 1 p.m. June 26 cake cutting at Buckingham Fountain, featuring the Band from TV — including actors Greg Grunberg, James Denton, Jesse Spencer, Bob Guiney, Adrian Pasdar and Scott Grimes. Afterwards, a 2,000-pound cheesecake will be served free to everyone — as long as it lasts!

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Tour of Eli’s Cheesecake World Profiled in Sun Times Weekend

The Chicago Sun Times Weekend (2.5.2010) profiles Chicago Top Food Tours in a cover story. Tours highlighted include Chicago Candy Tours, Chicago Chocolate Tours, Chicago Dine -Around, Chicago Ethnic Market Tours, Chicago Food Planet Tours, Goose Island Brewery Tour , Intelligentsia Coffee Roasting Tour, Two Brothers Brewing Company Tour, Your Love of Food Tour and Eli’s Cheesecake. Come visit us for our walk in tour on Monday through Friday at 1pm or or Tastings & Traditions on Saturday and Sunday also at 1pm.

Weekend Sun Times 2.5.2010

Eli’s Cheesecake bakery tours

Food Network rated this tour No. 1 in its survey of tasty tours, and Eli’s Mary Gale says it’s no surprise.

“Everyone loves cheesecake,” she says.

Eli’s employee Margie Ware has been conducting the popular tours for the last couple of years and always starts with a historical overview of the company — how Eli Schulman came up with his signature dessert for his now-shuttered steakhouse. The tour is very hands-on, with factory workers politely fielding any questions as you trace what goes into a cheesecake and how they are made, decorated and packaged. Groups of less than nine can take a 40-minute tour of Eli’s Cheesecake World (6701 W. Forest Preserve Dr.) at 1 p.m. Monday through Friday without a reservation. The $3 fee includes a slice of cheesecake. Call (773) 736-3417 or visit

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Vampire Chicago–Author Chloe Neill Featured in Sunday Sun Times and has her first piece of Eli’s Cheesecake

Just had my first piece of cheesecake from Eli

vampire sunday show


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Chicago Sun Times Columnist Bill Zwecker selects Seneca Park & the Eli M. Schulman Playground as his Favorite Public Place in Chicago

The Chicago Sun Times and the Metropolitan Planning Council are holding a contest to find Chicago’s favorite public spaces ( To start the contest, the Sun Times asked several of its top columnists to select their favorite places. We were honored that Bill Zwecker picked Seneca Park and its Eli M. Schulman Playground as his favorite for its “calm amid hustle, bustle.”

Other favorite public places by the columnists were: Roger Ebert, the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond; Paige Wiser, Connors Park; Mark Brown, Wrigley Field; Mike Mulligan, Macy’s at the Holidays; and Rick Telander, the Chicago River.

Zwecker picks Seneca Park/Eli M. Schulman Playground

Zwecker picks Seneca Park/Eli M. Schulman Playground

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When traded by the Cubs, Pitcher Sean Gallagher stops by Harry Caray’s to pick up Eli’s Turtle Cheesecake on his way to Oakland

July 10, 2008


Former Cubbie Sean Gallagher, who was just traded to the
Oakland A’s, stopped by Harry Caray’s to pick up some Eli’s Turtle Cheesecake
before leaving town. Eli’s Marc Schulman and the eatery’s Grant
promised they will send cheesecake to Sean’s new

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Lewis Lazare in the Chicago Sun Times highlights the introduction of Eli’s WildFlower Honey Bar at Starbucks made with honey from the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences

Lewis Lazare


Honey of a deal for Eli’s, Starbucks and city school

Coffee giant Starbucks is teaming up with two local organizations, the Eli’s Cheesecake Co. and the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, to bring local residents a new sweet called the Wildflower Honey Bar, which will be available for $2.25 in all area Starbucks outlets starting Wednesday.

The bar’s ingredients include a graham cracker crust, yellow cake, ricotta cheese, almonds and, most significantly, fresh honey from bee hives tended by students at the agricultural sciences school, the only one of its kind in the Chicago Public School system. The school was founded 21 years ago on farmland owned by the Chicago Public Schools in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood on the city’s Far Southwest side. Among the school’s many “firsts,” student Corey Flournoy became the first African American to be elected president of the 500,000-member Future Farmers of America in 1994.

Marc Schulman, president of Eli’s Cheesecake, said he has worked for several years with the agricultural school, and so the school was his first choice to provide the honey for the new bar that will be added to the lineup of desserts and bars Eli’s already provides to local Starbucks outlets.

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Today is Ground Hog Day and also national Ground Hog Job Shadow Day; we will be out at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences with legenday broadcaster and cattle rancher. Bill Kurtis

Stella Foster

Stella’s column

February 2, 2006



TODAY IS GROUND HOG DAY — and “Ground Hog Job Shadow Day,” where thousands of high school students from around the country visit businesses to observe us working stiffs.

TOP BROADCAST documentarian Bill Kurtis visits the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, the only public school in the state to be located on a farm, with five cows and a real ground hog in residence. Kurtis is also owner of a cattle ranch and head of the Tall Grass Beef Co. (And that’s no bull!) Eli’s Cheesecake king Marc Schulman, a staunch supporter of the high school, and Jill Wine-Banks, head of the Education to Careers Office of the Chicago Public Schools, will also be on hand.

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Passion to the Core–Sun Times feature on Peter Klein and Seedling Orchard

This summer we were fortunate to have Peter Klein of Michigan’s Seedling Orchard be our guest speak for our Summer Entrepreneurship Program with Wright College and the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. Klein has made a very successful conversion from marketing executive to orchard owner. Check out his web site at www.seedlingfruit. com.

Congrats, Peter!


Passion, to the core


September 21,





Peter Klein’s “office” is just as he likes — it’s outdoors; it’s like a giant fresh bowl of fruit boasting red raspberries, pears, plums, peaches and apples; it’s visited by friendly and loyal customers, and it’s appropriately casual permitting his attire of khaki Bermudas, mules and a T-shirt emblazoned with “irresistible.”

Klein, who resides in Roscoe Village, is the gentle mastermind of Seedling Orchard in South Haven, Mich., and the congenial entrepreneur who hauls his vine-ripe, ready-to-eat fruit to many Chicago area farmers markets from Memorial Day through Labor Day and into December.

From January through March, he becomes CEO extraordinaire planning for the next season’s harvest, purchasing 250 new fruit trees annually, and overseeing www.seedlingfruit. com, Seedling’s Web site.

Fruit is more than Klein’s business — it’s his passion.

His voice croons as he discusses apples, his pride and joy. He’s ecstatic, absolutely ecstatic, that his Jersey Mac, Paula Red, Red Cort, Gala, Senshu and Honey Crisp varieties are early this season.

Early on Saturday mornings, he’s at renowned Green City Market on the edge of Lincoln Park chatting with his customers — neighborhood residents with their dogs in tow and pastry chefs from some of the city’s top restaurants including Charlie Trotter’s — about the varieties of gorgeous fruit neatly arrayed in front of him. He willingly slices samples, bags the chosen fruits, notices but ignores the poachers who help themselves to “free” handfuls of raspberries, and answers question after question.

What’s he most frequently asked? Klein runs his hand through his curly light hair; his devilish blue eyes twinkle as he answers, “At other markets, the No. 1 question is ‘How much?’ Here [at Green City], the most common question is ‘Is it sweet?’ ”

The 40-year-old owner of 83 acres of fruit trees (including 2,745 apple trees and 1,692 peach trees) has a pat answer to the “Is it sweet?” question. “If it’s a Seedling fruit, it’s sweet,” he says, no ifs, ands or buts. And this year, despite the lack of rain in Michigan, his fruit is sweeter than ever.

Klein, with 14 years of food marketing experience, bought the 100-year-old orchard two years ago after learning that his favorite fruit vendors were retiring and selling their orchard.

Though initially thinking his decision was “insane,” Klein jumped into the orchard business head first. Seedling developed The Science of Sweetness to ensure the sweetest fruit available. Seedling fertilizes the soil to feed the trees and heavily trims branches that allow the trees to put energy into fruit development and allows more sun to shine on the fruit. “Those huge peaches are the result,” says a proud Klein.

Klein demonstrates a refractometer, an instrument used in the wine industry to measure a fruit’s BRIX index (the sweetness of its juice).

“Sugar in fruit only develops on the trees. Fruit never gets sweeter after it’s picked,” instructs Klein. What’s the perfect BRIX level? “We don’t know yet, but we tingle when we hit 16 percent for apples and 20 percent for pears, but each fruit and each variety will be different,” explains Klein. He’s pumped that his early apples measure 16 percent, up 2 percent from last year’s harvest.

It’s the sweetness and ripeness of Seedling fruit and Klein’s business sense, charm and charisma that have made pastry chefs his devoted customers. “He’s the best!” exclaims Mindy Segal of Hot Chocolate. “I use his peaches, apricots, everything.” After hearing Klein’s seconds-only sales pitch about his golden pears, Segal responds, “I’ll take some for my pear tartlets!”

Kate Neumann, pastry chef for mk restaurant, is enthralled by the sweetness of Klein’s products, especially his blueberries and apricots. “It’s like he has this magical parcel of land that has honey in the soil,” says Neumann who used Seedling strawberries, red raspberries, plums, peaches and apricots on mk’s Summer menu.

She will feature Seedling apples in a Roasted Caramel Apple with Butter Pecan Ice Cream and Creamy Caramel Sauce on the restaurant’s Fall menu.

Klein, who has purchased a cider mill to produce what he calls “varietal” cider (cider made from several varieties of apples), enjoys creating recipes at home on his rare Sundays off though he admits, “I have less fruit at home than you would think. I keep forgetting to bring it home! My wife, Stephanie, says she’s like the shoemaker’s wife.”

The father of daughters Mikaela, 7, and Olivia, 5, explains that one of his tasks is to produce goodies from the blemished fruit he doesn’t sell. “So I’ll take a bucket of blemished peaches and cook them down for 12 to 14 hours to make fruit leather.”

His other suggestions for using good fruit before it goes bad include:


  • Make a simple sauce; whirl the fruit and use the sauce for desserts.
  • Make jellies and jams.
  • Churn it or mix it into sorbets or ice creams.
  • Make tarts, turnovers or pies
  • Prepare fruit juice or fruit smoothies.
  • Dry into chips.
  • Make a fruit salsa.
  • Make fruit-flavored butters or cream cheeses for bagels, breads, and scones.
  • Freeze it until you decide how to use it.

What does the Deerfield native think people should know about apples? “Most people think there are baking apples or eating apples. I think every apple is good for baking and good for eating.”

A customer with a Yorkie peeking from her market basket holds up a perfectly shaped apple and interrupts to ask, “Are these sweet or tart?” It’s the moment Mr. Apple lives for.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Festival highlighted as a top culinary pick for the weekend by the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times

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Taste: Alligator, Goat, Plenty of Cheesecake–in the Sun Times and then South Side Tee-ball at the White House

We were delighted that the Chicago Sun Times on Sunday highlighted our Taste of Chicago & Eli’s Cheesecake 25th Birthday Cake with Mayor Daley.

The Mayor had a busy weekend as he went from Taste of Chicago on Saturday to the White House on Sunday to see a Chicago team from the South Side Little League tee-ball team play on the South Lawn. Congratulations to President Bush for his vision in creating the Helping America’s Youth Initiative. The Chicago team is called the “Memphis Red Sox” after one of the teams in original Negro League and was the first Chicago team to play in this program which debuted at the White House in 2001.

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