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A Frigid Chicago Gets Ready for the Super Bowl

On the morning of February 4th in Chicago, the weather was perfectly clear and very cold–with a wind chill approaching 30 degrees below zero; the coldest day in Chicago in over a year. It was on this Sunday morning that I went with my wife, Maureen, as we took pictures of the symbols of Chicago and the Bears.

This photo was taken from East Solidarity Drive just east of the Adler Planetarium. The sky was beatiful but the temperature was brutally cold.

The Bean at Millennium Park offer some of the City’s most striking views. This picture was taken from Michigan Avenue looking east and shows the reflection of the Cultural Center, the intersection of Randolph and Michigan and east to the Aon Building.


“The Bowman and the Spearman” are two bronze equestrian sculptures standing as gatekeepers at the intersection of Congress Parkway and Michigan Avenue. Installed in 1928, the horseman have blankets with the Chicago Bears logos.

The lions outside of the Art Institute of Chicago have been welcoming visitors to this world class museum since its opening in 1893. The lion to the north is formally known as “Stands in An Attitude of Defiance,” and the lion to the north is “On the Prowl.”

In 1986 for the Bears first Super Bowl appearance and again in 2005 for the White Sox World Series victory, the lions have been adorned with team garb. Today, it was great to see the lions wearing their Chicago Bears helmets.

The Chicago Picasso, dedicated in 1967, was the first major outdoor public art in Chicago. Located in the Daley Center Plaza across from City Hall, the Picasso has the been the backdrop for many of Chicago’s most famous events from the Bears 1986 victory parade to the filming of the conclusion of the Blues Brothers. Today the Chicago Picasso is well dressed with
his Chicago Bear hat.

The Brachiosauras outside the Field Museum is outfitted with a #54 jersey–that of Bears line backer, Brian Urlacher.

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Eli’s Cheesecake at the Super Bowl Party in Germantown, Tennessee,1426,MCA_1936_5327535,00.html

Bear dens not hard to find in ‘burbs

But it isn’t easy being a Chicago fan, not when everyone loves Manning

By Sheri Lunn
Special to Germantown & Collierville Appeal

February 4, 2007

“We’re ready!” said Dan Huss, of Germantown.

“We’ll be wearing our jerseys, coats and baseball caps. And the banner from 1985, the year we won, will be out”

Yes, Huss is a Chicago Bears fan. And the Bears are playing in the Super Bowl today.

Huss said he’ll spend the evening at home, where he’s sure everyone will be rooting for the same team. Well, except for his father-in-law, but he says
that’s understandable.

While Tennessee may be “Manning Country” creating a lot of local Indianapolis Colts fans today, you don’t have to look far to find Germantown and Collierville families with Chicago connections.

They are thrilled that their beloved Bears are getting another shot at the Super Bowl after a 21-year hiatus.

It’s not easy being a Bears fan in the Mid-South.”This is Colts Country,” Huss said. “Everybody wants Manning to win.”

At Party Access in Germantown blue horseshoes on white balloons, plates, centerpieces, mugs, and T-shirts overwhelm the Bears’ navy and orange.

“Almost everyone coming in is asking for anything Colts,” said Izabella Kucza, a cashier at store.” One lady said she wanted all we had for Peyton
Manning’s team.”

It was a Payton that many Bears fans grew up loving — Walter Payton. But 34 on navy and orange here, is more likely to be Bo Jackson’s Auburn jersey than the former Bears’ star.

The dilemma at the Ihrke household is that 8 year old Jack, a second-grader at Dogwood Elementary School, has both a Peyton Manning and Brian Urlacher jersey. Urlacher is the Bears’ star linebacker.

“The only time he took off his Urlacher jersey was to put on his Manning jersey during the Patriots game,” said Tom Ihrke of his son.

Ihrke, originally from Northbrook, Ill., is a die-hard Bears fan. He said it’s tough trying to follow the Bears from about 525 miles south of the Windy

“I think I’ve seen three Bears games on TV here in five years,” said Ihrke, of Germantown. “It’s either a Titans game or a Colts game. Now that (the Bears) have been playing well, they’ve put them on more.”

While Cindy and Mike Tipsord, of Germantown, may feel far from their Chicago roots, they say they’re lucky to have family still up north to send Chicago sports gear their way. A favorite aunt sent Bears T-shirts and caps to the couple and to their sons, Connor and Brandon.

“She did the same for us when the White Sox won,” said Cindy. “She can get all that stuff locally. We don’t have that luxury.”

And its not just Bears clothing that’s hot. Chicago food will be gobbled at Germantown and Collierville Super Bowl parties. Karen Cumings, of Collierville went online and ordered Italian beef sandwiches, hot
dogs, pizza and even Eli’s cheesecake, straight from the Windy City.

“I’m trying to make us feel at home by having all the authentic Chicago-style food, even down to my Jay’s potato chips,” said Cumings.

Editor’s note

In the interest of full disclosure: Freelance reporter Sheri Lunn’s own house in Germantown is hardly exempt from today’s Bears frenzy.

“Our home is tense with anticipation,” she says.

“Navy and orange streamers hang from the light fixture in the family room.

“The fight song blares from speakers on the kitchen counter.

“The kids are drawing “C’s” and taping them to the walls.”

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Eddie, Jobo & Erica of B96 Get Ready for the Super Bowl with Eli’s Cheesecake

Over the years, Eddie and Jobo, now with the addition of Erica, have been the way that I started my morning. We have enjoyed them on air, and at amazing special events like the B96 Summer Bash.

With their move to Prudential Plaza, they have a great over Lake Michigan and beatiful offices. Today, we had the pleasure of visiting Eddie, Jobo and Erica and presenting them with special treats for Super Bowl.

Go Bears! Thank you Eddie, Jobo, Erica and B96 for all you do for Chicago!

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Mayor Daley Bets Eli’s Cheesecake and other famous Chicago foods for the Super Bowl

We were honored to be included by Mayor Richard M. Daley in his Super Bowl wager with Mayor Bart Peterson of Indianapolis. On a very cold Chicago day, the wager was held in the very warm and beautiful Cadillac Club at Soldier’s Field. The wager included items from famous Chicago restaurants including Harry Caray’s and Manny’s and street furniture from Gallery 37.

As we are confident of a Bears victory, we have an early donation of 4,100 slices of our cheesecake in honor of Super Bowl 41 and also the number of Eli’s dear friend, Bear legend Brian Piccolo. The cheesecake was picked up today by the Greater Chicago Food Despository and will be distributed to the needy throughout the Chicago area.

Mayor Daley’s Super Bowl Bet included over 40 Chicago companies. The coffee cans in the foreground are from Stewart’s Coffee, a family owned northwest side of Chicago business since 1913 and also the official coffee of the Century of Progress in 1933.

It was an honor to be a part of celebration of Bears Road to the Super Bowl Championship. We appreciate the opportunity that the Mayor gives family and local businesses to highlight their products and contributions to the community. The hospitality community is always there with food and other donations to help make our City strong.


Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley with Eli’s Marc Schulman

Dutchie Caray, Harry Caray’s widow, is one of the nicest people in Chicago. Dutchie, pictured above with Harry Caray’s CEO, Grant Deporter, bet Harry’s favorite, Chicken Vesuvio and let everyone know: “Holy Cow!–Bears will win!”

In addition to his leadership at Harry Caray’s, Grant serves as Chairman of Visit Ilinois, our statewide tourism advocacy group, is a former chairman of the Illinois Restaurant Assocation and is the current chairman of Gateway Green.

Ken Raskin of Manny’s continues a family tradition that dates back to 1942 when Manny Raskin opened his first restaurant. That was just two years after Eli Schulman opened his first restaurant, Eli’s Ogden Huddle on Chicago’s west side. Located since 1964 at it current location on Jefferson Street, Manny’s is a Chicago landmark that combines with history with great food and atmosphere.

Mark Malnati of Lou Malnati’s performs the Pizza Man Rap at the wager. Lou’s is another great Chicago family business story with 24 stores throughout Chicago and a booming mailorder and web business that includes Eli’s Cheesecake and other famous foods from Chicago. In recognition of their support of the community, the Malnati Family was named as the Philanthropist of the Year for their support for cancer research.

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Governor Blagojevich includes Eli’s Cheesecake in Wager with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Governor Blagojevich joins in friendly wager with Indiana Governor

Winner depends on outcome of Super Bowl 2007

Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today joined in a friendly wager with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, as the Chicago Bears take on the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLI.

If the NFC Champions Chicago Bears prevail, Gov. Daniels will provide caramels and assorted chocolates from Abbott’s Candy in Indianapolis; pretzels from Pretzel’s Inc. in Bluffton; organic cheeses from Trader’s Point Creamery in Zionsville; Pop Weaver
microwave popcorn from Weaver Popcorn Company in Van Buren; a 15-bean soup pot from N.K. Hurst Company in Indianapolis; salsa and tomato juice from Red Gold Inc. in Orestes; candy from Schimpff’s Confectionery in Jeffersonville; pickles
from Sechler’s Pickles in St. Joe; bottled water from Cole Brothers Water Company in Peru; cinnamon-glazed almonds and pecans from Nutty Bavarian of Indiana in Granger; dip and soup mixes from Soup of Success in Elkhart; and shrimp cocktail from St. Elmo’s Steak House in Indianapolis.

If the AFC Champions Indianapolis Colts win the game, Gov. Blagojevich will send to Indianapolis Lou Malnatis’ Deep Dish Pizza, Eli’s Cheesecake, and treats from Illinois Nut and Candy.

“The Bears fought their way to win the NFC Championship and are ready to take on the Colts to become the top football team in the nation,” said Gov. Blagojevich. “With Lovie Smith as head coach, their unshakeable defense, and spirited fans, the Bears are a force to be reckoned with. We look forward to enjoying Governor Daniels’ wager. We in Illinois are proud of the Bears and wish them good luck in the Super Bowl.”

“We look forward to a great game and good eats. Every Hoosier has a team in this game,” said Daniels. “It’s fun to do business with Governor Blagojevich. We always start by talking about jobs and roads and other business, but sports always comes up.”

Lou Malnatis’ Chicago style pizza is a deep-dish pie so thick and cheesy it must be eaten with fork and knife. Lou Malnatis had pizza in his blood; his grandfather Rudy Malnati helped create the recipe for Chicago style deep dish pizza in 1943, and Lou worked with
his father in Chicago’s first pizzeria in the early 1940s. In 1971 Lou opened his first restaurant, and today Chicagoans can enjoy Lou’s Pizzas at 22 locations.

Eli’s Cheesecake is a Chicago legend, earning rave reviews from critics across the country, including the Chicago
, which dubbed it the “King of Cheesecake.” Although the cheesecake originated from Eli’s A Place for Steak, the Schulman family spun off the famous dessert to form Eli’s Cheesecake in 1980. Gov. Blagojevich is such a fan of Eli’s Cheesecake, he celebrated his first Inaugural Ball with an 800 lbs. Eli’s cake, which featured sugar paste violets (the Illinois state flower), cardinals (the Illinois State Bird), the images of the State of Illinois, and a miniature train to represent the Governor’s tour from Chicago to Springfield.

A Chicago chocolate bear will go along with taffy apples and English toffee from the Illinois Nut and Candy Shop. The Illinois Nut and Candy Shop is the largest kosher candy shop in the Midwest and is expanding into other niche markets. Customers with food allergies can enjoy gluten-free, sugar-free, and lactose-free candy. Illinois Nut and Candy even creates lactose free soft-serve ice cream.

The Bears have not been to the Super Bowl since their 1986 championship, and the Colts have never attended. Coaches Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy are the first African American coaches to bring teams to the Super Bowl. With a vaunted defense and a strong fan base, the Bears should put up at tough fight against the Indianapolis Colts.

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Eli’s Cheers on the Bears with a pre-Super Bowl Pep Rally

We had so much fun cheering on the Bears before their victory over the Saints that we invited everyone back for a pre-Super Bowl Pep Rally on Monday. With so much energy and excitement, we have no doubt that the Bears will prevail this Sunday.

Fran Viray of danced with the Ridgewood High School Cheerleaders.

Robin Childress, a member of the Chicago cast of the “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” led the Ridgewood High School and Eli’s Singers in “Bears Down Chicago Bears.”

Our thanks to the talented members of the Ridgewood High School Cheerleaders, Principal Kevin O’Mara and Coach Jessica Lepone, for participation in the Pep Rally.

Robin Childress brings the entire crowd to their feet in cheering on the Bears.

Eli’s is fortunate to have very talented bakers who can also sing and dance.

The Eli’s Team thanks Robin for her participation in a very fun day kicking off a week of pre-Super Bowl festivities.

Bears Pep Rally’s bring out very special visitors. Douglas and grandmother, Helen Sullivan, cheer the Bears on!

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Mayor Daley’s Bet with Mayor Nagin of New Orleans

In the Sunday Chicago Tribune, the photo in the Armour & Co. captured the moment in Mayor Daley’s bet with Mayor Nagin of New Orleans when I was at the podium describing our Giant Slice of Eli’s Cheesecake and Mayor Daley
was pointing it out.

This week we will be celebrating the Bears Super Bowl appearance with a pep rally at the Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Cafe at 11am which is free and open to the public. At that event, we will send off four cheesecakes to Mayor Nagin in New Orleans, which we send in victory, because we don’t want to deprive the Mayor and his staff in New Orleans of Eli’s Cheesecake.

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Chicago Bears Skyline!



Chicago and its buildings love the Bears. Here is a photo taken Saturday evening by Maureen Schulman looking at the Chicago skyline from Grant Park across Millennium Park.

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