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Eli’s Cheesecake Proud to host SWEPT–Scientific WorkPlace Exploration Program for Teachers

The Career Development System is a consortium consisting of South Suburban College and High School Districts 205, 215 and 228 working cooperatively to help youth and adults plan and prepare for their future through life-long learning CDS in one of the statewide network of Education for Employment (EFE) groups, whose primary goal is to establish quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that incorporate the knowledge and skills needed in life as an integral part of academic and CTE programming and emphasize the continuum of learning from elementary through post secondary education.

What is SWEPT?
This experience offers a hands-on, applications-based science workshop for
high school teachers and middle school teachers. Local industrial applications
of scientific concepts are the basis of the workshop. Areas of study may
include: food science, physical science, biological science, and
What types of activities are there?
Sessions will be held on the dates mentioned above, from 8:00amuntil 4:00pm. Each day begins at
College, moves to an industry visit,
and returns back to the college. The 4-day workshop will include site visits
each day to local industry; performance of applicable, hands-on science
activities at SSC; and curriculum development and integration by each

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Scientific Workplace Exploration Program for Teachers (SWEPT) Visits Eli’s Cheesecake World

At Eli’s. we are very proud of our
bakery tours and the opportunity to let people learn how great cheesecake is
made and all the careers that are part of our company. This year we were very
proud to have been visited by SWEPT which is a cooperative venture of the Career
Development System and South Suburban College serving the south surburban area.
The purpose is to get teachers for grades grades 7 through 12 into the workplace
to refresh, polish and, embellish their science teaching skills.

The program consists of plant tours of
regional industry and focuses on the study of concepts in science and technology
used to produce goods and services. After the plant tour, the application of
these concepts is further explored in the laboratory through guided activities.
Teachers are then charged to develop lesson plans for the classroom,
highlighting and enriching their presentation through the plant visit
experience. .

We very much enjoyed having these
teachers visit us and we look forward to them returning with their students in
the Fall.

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