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Ray Arceo is a physical education instructor at Miguel Juarez Middle School and a spokesperson for the NFL Fuel to Play60 Program. Ray is married to Eli’s Food service Sales Director, Erin Arceo, and is responsible for the partnership between Juarez and Eli’s for the Spruce-Up of Seneca Park and the Eli M. Schulman Playground each year.

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Ray spoke to the students about the importance of a well balanced diet and exercise in keeping with the First Lady’s Goals on the “Let’s Move” web site. Ray concluded his remarks by having the students do some exercises in place.

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This has been the most successful year in the history of Eli’s, Wright and CHSAS Partnership for the Summer Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Program with outstanding speakers, special guests and engaged students. This year we really put all the pieces together as we saw the links between business, education and public policy.

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