kmbs philosophy

kmbs [Kyiv Mohyla Business School] is one of the youngest b-schools based at one of the oldest universities in Central Europe. In the year of 390 since the foundation of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy [October 15, 1615] we together with Academies’ other faculties continue to provide uncensored and creative learning for intellectual and unique individuals, who are able to generate and implement
original and socially useful ideas, who are independent thinkers and promoters of kindness and justice.

Our goal is to fuel participants of our learning sessions with greater knowledge, greater creative and original ideas and greater inspiration needed to bring those ideas to life and to utilize that knowledge. kmbs philosophy lies at the crossroads of informational , creative and energetic synergy Mission

To inspire leaders through innovative and personalized programs of executive and organizational development.Vision for the next 3 years

To be recognized by the international business community as one of the Top Five business schools in Central and Eastern Europe.Values [of kmbs leaders: program participants, faculty and team]:

* Passionately focused on success of our client
* Love it, change it or leave it
* You just have to want it!

First International Study Course “Managing Innovations”

First International Study Course “Managing Innovations was
developed specially for kmbs Executive MBA participants and covered 3 world
innovations centers – Munich, Chicago, and silicon Valley, 2 continents – USA
and Europe, 14 most innovative world companies, among which: Siemens, BMW,
Motorola, Kraft, Ford, Winzeler Gear, Eli’s Cheesecake, IBM, Intel, Xerox, Google

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