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Food is fundamental. We make decisions about it every day: what to eat, where to buy it, how to prepare it. But there’s much more to food than our daily sustenance. Where does it come from? How is it
produced? What does it mean to put fork to plate? Culinate is a place for those who care about these questions.

So while we feature recipes, articles, and books about food preparation, we don’t limit ourselves to the kitchen. Culinate features articles and essays that address the multitude of intersections between food and the rest of our lives. We’re interested in how people define their lives via food — should I buy organic? be a vegetarian? shun sugar? — as well as how food defines us. Culinate is a place that connects food to the wider world and brings it home.

Our table is big; come eat with us.

Who are we?

Like you, we’re trying to eat with more awareness. (See the Culinate

With physical headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and virtual headquarters around the nearest table, we are people who agree that sharing dinner with friends and family is better than standing at the sink eating a sandwich. (OK, we admit to occasionally being “sinkies” — a technical term we learned from a friend who’s a nutritionist — but not often.) Our website is a reflection of our interests: writing that we want to read, recipes for simple but delicious food that we want to eat, and member pages and
food-planning tools that we’d like to use.

Local 50

If you could package up a taste of home, what would you share? Local 50 highlights regional food
specialties, state by state. We’ve selected products that celebrate the uniqueness of a place. Many, though not all, make nice gifts; some are seasonal, while others are available year-round.

Mostly, we hope this list inspires you to seek out food products that taste good, don’t tax the planet too much, and are grown or created by small-scale producers. We intentionally wanted at least
one specialty per state; undoubtedly we could have found many more from, say, California, but we want to show that every state has something tasty to offer.


Eli’s Cheesecake

Chicago old-guard Eli’s Cheesecake makes
cheesecakes in a variety of flavors, including Blood Orange Champagne, Burnt Caramel, and Saigon Cinnamon. The company makes sugar-free treats,

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