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Eli’s Cheesecake Named as one of the Top Ten Chicago Food Icons by the Chicago Tribune

Eli’s Cheesecake was honored by the Chicago Tribune to be selected as one of 10 Chicago Food Icons. We are in the great company of The Frango Mint, Cracker Jack, Kraft Dinner, Wrigley Gum, The Twinkie, Deep Dish Pizza, The Chicago Dog, the Italian Beef Sandwich and Quaker Oats.

This is a great tribute to our founder, Eli’s Schulman, to all of the great people at Eli’s Cheesecake who create these wonderful desserts and to our great fans in Chicago and now around the country.

Recognition like this only inspires us to continue to be the best and to be worthy of ICON status.

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Eli’s Cheesecake Festival highlighted as a top culinary pick for the weekend by the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times

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Phil Vettel of the Tribune Selects Eli’s Turtle Cheesecake as one his Top 5 Taste Picks

Food glorious food, and other Taste tidbits 5 Taste picks

Phil Vettel
Published June 23, 2005

Our restaurant critic’s picks:

Crab legs, Grazie! Ristorante, booth 57: Messy but good, Grazie’s steamed crab legs are cut open for easy meat extraction. A real treat.

Chopped salad, Lou Malnati’s, booth 29: I love the cheese pizza here, but I’m crazy about the Malnati salad, a mix of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, genoa salami and mushrooms. It’s tasty, refreshing, healthy–and a relative bargain at six tickets (the Taste portion is just three tickets).

Wagyu steak, Saloon Steakhouse, Gourmet Dining Pavilion (Friday only): You’ve heard about Kobe beef, you know it’s super-expensive–this is probably the least-expensive way to try a sample. (Wagyu is the proper name for Kobe-style beef raised outside Japan’s Kobe prefecture.)

Turtle cheesecake, Eli’s Cheesecake, booth 18: Sweat-soaked workers throughout the Taste site are jealous of Eli’s workers, who don’t slave over charcoal fires or scald their hands with hot oil. They just hand out slices of well-chilled cheesecake to an adoring crowd. What can you do? It’s great cheesecake.

Alligator pizza, Reggio’s Pizza, booth 50: Actually I have no idea whether this is any good. But I have to try it. I just wish I could have been at the meeting where this suggestion was made.

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