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Thanksgiving Day in Chicago: 33rd Annual 8k Chicago Turkey Trot and 43rd Annual Turkey Bowl

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Fleet Feet has sponsored a 8k Turkey Trot in Lincoln Park For 33 years. Over 7,000 runners and walkers came out in their best Thanksgiving attire for this event which raises needed funds and non-perishable foods for the Greater Chicago Depository.

Later that day in Glenview, Illinois, an even longer tradition, the Turkey Bowl, continued for its 43rd year, as Eli’s Marc Schulman joined friends dating back to Old Orchard Junior High School. In full disclosure the game is now much more of a scrimmage as the worries of injury have transformed the “game” into an excuse to have lunch at Irvings for Red Hot Lovers.

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For 43 consecutive years on  Thanksgiving Day, this group of “athletes” have gathered for Turkey Bowl, first in Skokie and now in Glenview. Participating in the 2010 Turkey Bowl (l-r), Harold Dembo, Harry Kramer, Dr. Harold Jesser, Randy Shenberg, Dr. Mark Riederman, Marc Schulman and Dr. Michael Ruchim. In this game, it is great to play with lots of doctors.

Turkey bowl ruchim l201061 (Medium)

Eli’s Marc Schulman with Michael Ruchim of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Both Marc and Mike are fans of Michigan Football.

Turkey bowl Irvings201082 (Medium)

The highlight of the Turkey Bowl is lunch at Irvings for Red Hot Lovers in Wilmette. Irving’s owner Andy Greenspan joined the Turkey Bowl Participants and Stewart Schecter for a group photo.

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Turkey Bowl 2009–this year a scrimmage!

Since 1968, a Thanksgiving Tradition for Eli’s President, Marc Schulman, has been the Turkey Bowl: a game that started in Skokie near Devonshire School and latre moved to Cunliff Park in Glenview. With a number of injuries this year, the game became a scrimmage followed by another tradition–lunch at Irving’s for Red Hot Lovers in Wilmette.

Thanksgiving Football 2009

Turkey Bowl 2009 was more of a scrimmage than a game. No score, a few passes and then lunch. Participating in the game are Mark Reiderman, Mike Ruchim, Harry Kramer, Harold Jesser, Stuart Scheter and Eli’s Marc Schulman.

Mike Ruchim and Marc Schulman at Irving's

Celebrating the Turkey Bowl at Irving’s are Dr. Mike Ruchim, of the University of Michigan and Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Marc Schulman, of Eli’s and Vassar College (where Marc’s daughter, Elana, attends.

Thanksgiving Football4 (Medium)

Lunch at Irving’s for Red Hots is a Turkey Bowl Tradition. Our thanks to Irving’s owner Andy Greenspahn and his staff for being open on Thankgiving Day.

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Turkey Bowl 2007–The Tradition Continues!

One of the great traditions of Thanksgiving is the Turkey Bowl. Since the early 1970′s, I have played football with friends from junior high school at Old Orchard Junior High and Niles North High School. Last year the temperature was in the 60′s, a record high; this year the temperature was below freezing with a dusting of snow on the ground.

Our team won 4-3 although I can take little credit after arriving late from the Thanksgiving Day Parade on State Street.

The most important win of the day of the Turkey Bowl is safety. Fortunately there were no injuries.

In case of injury, we do have excellent medical care on the field. Here I celebrate the game with Dr. Michael Ruchim, now celebrating his first anniversary as Assistant Chief Medical Officer at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Associate Dean of the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University.


The relationships on the field date back to junior high school at Old Orchard Junior High and high school at Niles North. My friends Harold Dembo on the left and Harry Kramer on the right went on to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and then joined me in the Class of 1979 at the Northwestern University School of Law.


When the game started in the 70′s, Gary Riederman on the right was the little brother for Dr. Mark Riederman on the left. This game has been an annual tradition for both ever since.


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The Thanksgiving Tradition Continues—Turkey Bowl XXXIX

Last Thanksgiving was the coldest Thanksgiving Day in Chicago in 50 years. Today, Thursday, November 23, 2006 had to be the warmest–over 60 degrees. Go Figure!

Thanksgiving Day is one of the few days that Eli’s Cheesecake is silent as our people enjoy the day family and I continued a tradition that dates back to 7th Grade at Old Orchard Junior High School and has continued every
Thanksgiving since. I have never missed a game in all those years. Today the goal is to survive the game in one piece.

This game started as a blow-out as our team quickly fell behind by a score of 3 to 0 in the first few minutes. We got the score back to 3 to 2 but were unable to score on the final drive.

In honor of playing together all these years, my friends and I are making a donation to the Marsha S. Bosley Scholarship in Journalism at Ohio State University. Marsha was in our class of 1972 at Niles North and pursued a
career in sports writing after graduating from Ohio State. Marsha passed away in 2004 after a long battle with breast cancer and we are delighted that our annual game can help a journalist who will follow in Marsha’s tradition.

Last year, we were bundled up and playing on ice. This year, thetemperature in Chicago is the same as LA according to long time Turkey Bowl Player, Rory Packer, now an LA resident.

It was a big day for Maize & Blue as Dr. Mike Ruchim, a graduate of the University of Michigan, scored a key touchdown and made an important interception. At the time of this game last year, Mike was at Weiss
Hospital. Today we are delighted that Mike is Associate Chief Medical Officer at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University.

This game covers multiple generations. Harry Kramer was joined in the game by his son, Ben, a freshman in high school.  Harold Dembo and Hary Kramer were in my high school class and graduated in the same class with me from Northwestern University Law School after they attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

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Thanksgiving Tradition–The Turkey Bowl XXXVIII

There are very few days of the year when Eli’s rests. Between our cookie crust bakers who bake through the night and on Sundays, our Cafe which is open every day of the week and our main activities at the bakery, there is almost always alot of things going on.

One of the days that Eli’s rests is Thanksgiving. It allows me to continue a tradition that dates back over 38 years–to when I was in 7th grade—playing the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving Day with the same group of friends that I went to junior high school with at Old Orchard Junior High and then High School at Nile North.

Over the years, the goal of the game has moved from victory to survival. Today Turkey Bowl XXXVIII was complicated by being the coldest Thanksgiving Day in Chicago in 50 years.

The teams gather to celebrate a successful Turkey Bowl—no one got hurt.

The Turkey is a great way to get out of the bakery.


Our team lost the Turkey Bowl 2 to 1 in overtime. Here I congratulate Dr. Michael Ruchim of the University of Michigan and Weiss Hospital. Mike caught a long pass thrown by Harry Kramer to end the game in sudden death.

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