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Wall Street Journal Honors Casamento’s for having one of New Orleans Greatest Po’boys: Eli’s Cheesecake Honored to a featured Dessert at Casamento’s

Wall Street Journal

The Crescent City’s Greatest Po’boys

Seventy-two hours of gravy-faced, napkin-thrashing, French bread-crunching taste-testing of New Orleans’ most beloved sandwich

casamentos history

casamento fried oyster loaf

The Shining Pearl

Casamento’s Restaurant

Unconventional hours haven’t kept this 89-year-old oyster mecca from drawing lines outside its tiled quarters. Accolades and food shows have followed, mainly for its blissful po’boy hybrid: the fried oyster loaf. Made with thick-cut white Bunny Bread, it is packed four inches high with lightly corn-floured oysters simmered in lard in cast iron pots. 4330 Magazine St.,

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Eli’s Cheesecake Recognized by the Wall Street Journal and by a very happy daughter celebrating her dad’s birthday

As we get closer to the holidays, our phones and web site get very busy with orders for gifts and for holiday tables. We work very hard to
make sure that our customers get the same quality of service and quality of product that people have grown to expect of Eli’s. It is sort of like taking the experience that my dad delivered at Eli’s the Place for Steak where he developed his signature dessert and delivering it very carefully in dry ice and stryrofoam for the perfect celebration.

Today we were judged by the Wall Street Journal in its popular “Catalog Critic” column. In surveying a number of companies that send out
cheesecakes, the Catalog Critic judged Junior’s (a family owned company that we respect greatly) and Eli’s Cheesecake as the highest. We were judged highly for our “rich filling, dense testure and shortbread crust” and for a web site that was easy to navigate as well as excellent and personal service on the phone.


It was a great to get such important recognition from such a highly regarded publication, but my day was really made late in the afternoon
when J. Kerber of Andover, Massachusetts sent me an e-mailĀ about the cheesecake that she ordered for delivery on Saturday, November 5th–her dad’s birthday. I know that day well as it is the date of our daughter, Haley’s, birthday so I know about family celebration on that day and can appreciate how important it was to get the cheesecake on that date.

Here is Ms. Kerber’s letter to me:

Dear Mr. Schulman,

I recently ordered one of your classic plain cheesecakes for my father’s birthday on Nov. 5th. I am writing to say what a wonderful experience the whole process was. When I called to ask customer service about sending the cheesecake for a Saturday delivery, Andi Miles of your customer service department was explicit about my needing to be present to accept the package so I could be sure to get my product into refrigeration. As I work in customer service with refrigerated items as well, I know how important this is! I assured her I would be waiting eagerly!

My father is a tough man to buy for, and never really needs anything……….so I thought I would buy him something that we could all help him enjoy. Well…..when he had his first slice he was hooked, and didn’t want to share!!!!!!!!!!!!He made me wrap up his secret stash and put it into the freezer so he could have it on hand when he wanted it. I snuck a piece anyway, and immediately could understand his greediness. It was the best cheesecake I have ever had. Thank you for a great product and experience. I will be ordering again. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

J. Keber

At Eli’s, we make customers happy one at a time and it feels great to make a birthday special for Mr. Kerber. We look forward to
bringing lots more joy to our customers this holiday season. Again, never hesitate to write me (the link is on the home page of our web site) if you want to share a story with me or to ask a question.

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