Scott Simon of NPR “Weekend Edition Saturday” Names his Favorite Destinations in the World—including the Eli M. Schulman Playground at Seneca Park
The highlight of every Saturday morning is listening to Scott Simon on National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition Saturday. I listen to the first part live on WBEZ Chicago and then go online to hear the second half on NPR affiliates on the west coast.

Scott, a Chicago native, is the son of Patricia Lyons Simon Newman Gilband. A graduate of Senn High School, Scott is the son of comedian Ernie Simon and step son of Lincoln Historian Ralph Newman.

During our stay in Washington for the inauguration of President Obama, Maureen, Elana and I had the pleasure to attend Scott’s broadcast of “Weekend Edition Saturday.” It was an awesome experience and we took the picture above in the studio.

On March 29th, Scott was interviewed in the Chicago Tribune for the “Celebrity Traveler” column. Scott talked about his travels around the world. Favorite vacation spots, favorite hotels and restaurants..and then his favorites when he travels with his wife Caroline and daughters, Elise and Lina.

“When I’m with my family, we seek out parks and zoos. The Luxembourg Gardens in Paris have pony rides and coffee and crepes under chestnut trees. Chicago’s Millennium Park is dazzling, but the Eli Schulman Playlot in Chicago’s Seneca Park is adorable. London’s Green Park has the best seesaws and the most personable swans. The Vancouver Aquarium manages to be both vast and charming, and as to zoos, our daughters can hail the Great Apes in Lincoln Park Zoo by their names.”

Thanks Scott for placing Eli’s Playground in the same paragraph with Chicago’s Millennium Park, London’s Green Park and Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.

With American Girl in Water Tower Place to the north and Prentice Woman’s Hospital and the new home of Chicago’s Children’s Hospital to the south, we certainly have one of the most special locations for children in the world and we want to always have a Playground in Eli’s name to that standard.


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